Ten Words That Describe Human Emotions That We Might Have Difficulty Expressing

Sometimes, we feel things that we can’t put into words. We can certainly describe things through paragraphs, but finding the exact word to describe our emotions can be limited. It turns out that aside from the common words we used to talk about how we feel, there are other phrases and nouns in English that can describe more complicated human emotions. 

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For example, the word chrysalism (kris-a-lizim) refers to the feeling of tranquility when you’re indoors when it’s raining heavily outside. Now that’s a very familiar emotion we feel during rainy days. 

Another word is monachopsis (mo-na-kop-sis). This term is associated with the feeling of being chronically out of place. It can also refer to the inability to adapt to your surroundings.  

If you’re interested in learning more nouns, check out Esquire Magazine’s list of them here. 

Image credit: Ave Calvar Martinez

Source: neatorama

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