Tesco's Laser-Etched Avocados to Save on Packaging Waste

“Laser avocado” sounds like a Doritos flavor, but it’s actually a packaging technique being trialed by Tesco. In a bid to reduce packaging waste, the UK supermarket chain is laser-etching avocados rather than using barcode stickers. And for their avocado products that come in twin packs, they’re ditching the plastic tray in favor of cardboard.

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Tesco supplier Westfalia fruit, who possess the laser-etching equipment, say they’ve “conducted extensive trials to ensure the quality, shelf life and taste of the fruit is not affected.”

Tesco is rolling the laser-etched avocados out in a 270-store trial. If customers are happy with it, the practice will go Tesco-wide. The results of that would be substantial:

If rolled out across all stores, the moves, made jointly with the UK’s main avocado supplier, Westfalia Fruit, based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, could save:

– More than 20 million pieces of plastic tray packaging from the twin pack avocado alone, increasing up to 25 million pieces across the pre-packed range

– Nearly a million plastic stickers on its loose extra large avocados (information based on current sales information, provided by Westfalia Fruit)

Tesco sells some 70 million avocados a year, and they report that last year

Source: core77

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