“Thank You, Brother” GoT Actor Kristofer Hivju Thanks Kit Harrington With Sweet Post Full Of Fan Art

Game of Thrones fans were devasted to say goodbye to the HBO series – but the even sadder goodbye was felt by the cast. The actors on the show spent the days leading up to and following the finale to say goodbye to their characters and each other with touching tributes on social media. Recently, actor Kristofer Hivju, known for his role as the loveable wilding Tormund Giantsbane, bid adieu not just to his character but his to his “brother,” Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington.

Not everyone was happy with the finale episode, particularly watching Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) be banished back to the north, but you have to admit it was heartwarming to know he at least rode off with his trusted redheaded best friend.

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Actor  Kristofer Hivju or Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones posted a heartwarming dedication to his co-star Kit Harrington on Instagram

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The Norwegian actor thanked Harrington for “six fantastic years” on the show and included a photo of the pair, a photo of the actors with Hivju’s wife Gry Molvær Hivju, and some lovely fan art.

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In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter before the finale Hivju touched on how the pair had channeled their friendship story arc for their “final” goodbye. “Me and Kit talked about that. When we rehearsed the scene, it was like these two characters had so much history together. They have fought so many battles together. They have gone from being enemies to being very good friends. I felt there was an aura of grit in it, somehow…”

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“When I tell him: “You belong to the North — the real North,” it’s because he was with [Rose Leslie’s Ygritte], and she was like a sister to me. It feels like a long journey has come to an end. There are still two episodes to go; I’m not saying anything. But they fought the dead. It was their objective for so many years. Now they can at least say goodbye.”

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In the same interview he proudly gushed as his character about why Jon (Harrington) deserved the epic speech he gave during the banquet scene following the ‘Long Night.’ “It turned out to be a celebration of Jon, as well. There aren’t many celebratory speeches in Game of Thrones, but I really thought Jon deserved one. What hasn’t he been through? I think Tormund saw something in Jon from the very first meeting, their very first encounter, when they met in Mance Rayder’s tent…”

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He saw that this guy has a fire. He has integrity. When I was captured in Castle Black, I was sure I was going to die, and he gave me a chance to be his ally. I think Tormund was a bit more dynamic than Mance Rayder, who died because he wouldn’t bend the knee. Tormund and Jon have had a really long journey together. I think Jon deserved the speech from Tormund, even though Daenerys didn’t like it.

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As you can imagine the two also shared some great times on set, especially during the banquet scene, “We had so much fun playing those scenes. Kit was soaking wet, because after every take, I was splashing wine on him. (Laughs) We laughed a lot. It was an exhausting thing to do for a day.”

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As sad as everyone was to see Jon give up Ghost, Tormund assured the Hollywood Reporter that he was in good hands, “I promise on the Seven Gods, the Old Gods and the Free Folks’ non-gods because we don’t have any: I promise to take care of Ghost. I will feed him. I will clean him. I will treat him. I will be very cozy with him. I will not do anything other than be very nice to him.”

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Fans couldn’t get enough of how these former enemies gave us the best bromance

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And of course could only dream of all the possible spinoffs of the two

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