‘Thanksgiving Grandma’ Loses Husband After They Both Contracted Covid-19

Wanda Dench, the grandma from Arizona who became internet-famous for accidentally inviting a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner, recently suffered a loss. On Sunday, her husband, Lonnie Dench, passed away after contracting the coronavirus. The sad news came just a week after Jamal Hinton, a friend Wanda made by accidentally texting him, announced that both the wholesome grandma and her husband had contracted the virus.

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Just a week after announcing that Wanda Dench and her husband Lonnie had coronavirus, Jamal shared the sad news that Lonnie has passed away

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Jamal Hinton became a regular Thanksgiving dinner guest at Wanda’s home 4 years ago. Their friendship started when Wanda accidentally texted Jamal thinking that she was talking to her grandson, without knowing that he had changed his phone number.

Wanda and Jamal went viral after she accidentally sent him a Thanksgiving invitation intended for her grandson

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After figuring out who she was actually talking to, Wanda didn’t shy away from asking the unknown young man to join her at Thanksgiving dinner anyway and hasn’t stopped inviting him since.

After realizing her mistake, the kindhearted grandma allowed Jamal to come to celebrate with them anyway

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Moved by the adorable story, thousands of people around the world are waiting for a new snap of the pair each year as their wholesome tradition of celebrating the holiday together continues.

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21-year-old Jamal announced that even though Wanda has coronavirus too, she’s not feeling ill.

Even though Wanda also contracted the coronavirus, she’s not feeling ill

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However, she has to stay in self-isolation and maintain distance from other people, thus leaving her to deal with losing her husband alone. However, Jamal and his girlfriend Mikaela are trying to take care of her the best they can.

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Recently, the pair filmed a vlog explaining the heartbreaking situation and saying that they will try to cheer Wanda up by creating a video featuring people from around the world sending their wholesome messages to the beloved grandma.

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Jamal and his girlfriend recently shared a vlog showing how they are trying to comfort Wanda during this tough time

The couple also prepared a care package for her. While many people offered to send donations to Wanda, Jamal said that it’s not necessary and discouraged people from donating to any GoFundMe campaign set up for her.

Here’s how people reacted to the news

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