That Danish Manual Rotary Cheese Slicer Costs $771 and is Way More Complicated Than We Thought

In “Alternative Design Approaches for Slicing Cheese,” we looked at some unusual (to Americans) cheese-chopping contraptions from overseas. A Danish model made us curious, but we couldn’t find any details on it.

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Thankfully, reader Simon Flummox is familiar with the model, sent a link to a Danish retailer, and explained how it works:

This CC Ide model has a fixed slice thickness. The plate rises on the central spindle as you turn the cutter. There is a release under the plate to slide it up/down when changing cheeses.”

From the GIF above, I couldn’t tell that it’s the table that rises–I’d have guessed for sure that the handle rotated downwards with each crank. I’m sure the designers had their reasons, but it took a fair amount of engineering to make this work. Look at how many parts this thing has, as listed in the manual:

Not to mention a provision for tensioning the cutting wire:

Perhaps that’s why this contraption is insanely expensive–4,725 Danish Kroner, which is USD $771!

For the more budget-minded who want a rotary cheese slicing experience, Flummox also sent a link to a single-block model where it is the cutting handle that rotates downwards. The Nuance Cheese Cutter, which comes with a lid and is meant to be loaded and stored in the ‘fridge, rings in at a mere DKK 449.95 (USD $73).

Source: core77

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