That Giant Viral Halloween Skeleton is So Difficult to Store, People are Redecorating it Xmas Style

In October we showed you a 12-foot skeleton that people went nuts for; the $300 item sold out rapidly, as pandemic-crazed homeowners competed to have the most eye-catching lawn display for Halloween.

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Turns out taking the thing down, and storing that many linear feet of bones, isn’t easy. Thus a number of owners have not only left the thing in place, but redecorated it in a macabre Christmas theme.

Image: Tracy Gilbert

Image: Thea Faulds

Image: Caryn Balick

L.A.-based Louise Pachella, however, takes the cake. Not only has she got her skeleton sorted for Christmas, with a bad-ass T-rex reindeer…

Image: Louise Pachella/Krona Rex

…but last month, she had it set for Thanksgiving with a bad-ass T-rex turkey.

Image: Louise Pachella/Krona Rex

Source: core77

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