“That Was It”: Man Has Had Enough Of In-Laws Visiting Without Notice

A new baby is thrilling for everyone in the family. It’s understandable for grandparents, aunts and uncles to rush to see the newborn and want to be around as much as possible to help out and bond with the tiniest member of the family. But there are still common courtesies that apply to visiting relatives, and it’s important to not make the new parents’ lives any harder. They want to enjoy this time with their little one too, and if they don’t need any extra help, visiting too often can be more of a curse than a blessing.

One father recently shared on Reddit that he has found himself wrapped up in conflict with his in-laws after attempting to set boundaries on when they were allowed to visit. He wanted some outside opinions on whether or not he was being reasonable, so below, you’ll find the father’s full explanation of the situation, as well as an interview between him and Bored Panda, and some of the replies his post received. Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments, and then if you’re looking for even more articles detailing drama between in-laws, you can find a couple more juicy stories here and here.  

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This father is wondering if he was justified in laying down the law and setting boundaries with his in-laws

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We reached out to this father on Reddit to hear if there had been any updates on the situation since he posted about it online, and he is happy to report that the conflict has been resolved. “Everything went better, my in-laws understood, and now we have a good relationship,” he told Bored Panda.

We also asked him if the relationship between him and his in-laws had been tumultuous in the past. “We’ve had a couple of issues before, but none of them were bad enough,” he shared. “I think this time I lost it because I have a thing for privacy and boundaries.”

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We also asked the father how it felt reading all of the replies that his post received reassuring him that he was not the jerk in the situation. “At first I felt supported, it was all good, but when it went sort of viral I felt bad because even if I was not the [jerk], I felt like an attention [seeker], and that was definitely not the point,” he told Bored Panda.

“You know, 10 people telling you you’re NTA is cool, but hundreds of people telling you that (some of them just saying I should get a divorce) kinda defeats the purpose,” he explained. “Maybe in the end, I felt like I was indeed the [jerk] just for posting that instead of talking to my wife at the time.”

“I do think anyone should call before visiting, but sometimes I regret posting my situation because I don’t like that level of attention,” the father admitted.

He is certainly justified in his desire for privacy and boundaries within his family, but I can also understand how the post blowing up might have been a lot to handle. Thankfully, the situation has been resolved, so if you’d like to share your thoughts below, please keep in mind that there is no need to harp on the in-laws. Let’s keep it kind, pandas. And if you’ve ever found yourself in drama with your in-laws, feel free to share how you managed to navigate those situations.

Readers have assured the father that he was being perfectly reasonable and his boundaries should be respected

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