‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’: 91 Architecture Examples That Look So Bad, People Just Had To Shame Them (New Pics)

Good taste doesn’t grow on trees. It takes years to develop properly. Bit by bit, brick by brick. Alas, some architects start designing buildings without having all of that sorted first. Meanwhile, others experiment with the limits of good taste and accidentally end up driving the aesthetics of the entire project off the cliff. The very worst examples of architectural designs end up on the ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ Facebook group that gently pokes fun at Really Bad Decisions.

Scroll down for the best of the worst examples of architectural madness and remember to let us know in the comments if there are any buildings here that you’d give a presidential pardon to. Meanwhile, read on for Bored Panda’s exclusive interview with Ariane Sherine, the editor at ‘These Three Rooms.’ We had a chat about buying and redecorating properties, as well as the concept of the ‘perfect’ home and when we should compromise.

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If you still haven’t had your fill after this entire list, then we kindly invite you to check out Bored Panda’s previous feature about ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ right over here.


Image credits: Karim El

#2 Stop Calling These “Phallic-Shaped Architecture.” Save Your Breath. It’s A Buildo.

Image credits: Michael David Brown

#3 I Found It! The House I Always Drew As A Kid. I Knew It Existed

Image credits: Niki Clauder

The ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ Facebook group has seen explosive growth. Just over a year ago, it had 64.1k members. Now, it has 10 times that, clocking in at an impressive 644.8k members. It just goes to show that founder Matthew Brühn’s vision has been a complete success. And the content that’s shared resonates with a ton of people around the globe.

However, just because a house doesn’t look great and elicits a ‘yuck!’ reaction doesn’t mean that it’s alright to leave over-the-top comments beneath the photos. The Facebook group has been having some trouble with that.

#4 They’re Real Houses, 1,100 Square Feet. Encinitas, Ca

Image credits: David Stewart

#5 Somewhere In Greece (Thessaloniki) After Acropolis…this Masterpiece

Image credits: Sakis DjSucks

#6 Directly From A Science Fiction Movie

Image credits: Mariana Cuevas

Specifically, the main issue for the Facebook group is that the social network flags comments that obviously aren’t threatening but might be deemed to be. Saying ‘burn it down’ about a house isn’t helpful. So much so that the team running the group had to implement super strict protocols regarding comments. (It also says a lot about Facebook’s ability to sense humor, too.) In short, the comments have to be super polite and no swearwords are allowed for the time being. The entire future of the group depends on this.

Ariane, the editor at ‘These Three Rooms,’ told Bored Panda that there’s really no accepted definition of what a ‘perfect’ home is. The only thing that you can aim for is a perfect home for you.

So if you happen to spot a house in this list that you personally love, that’s awesome; ignore all the haters. Who needs friends when you can live in a house that looks like a boat or has a golf course inside? Societal approval is overrated anyway.

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#7 I Just Couldn’t Resist This When I Saw It On My Friends Newsfeed Yesterday- Australia

Image credits: Sam Westwood

#8 Just Browsing Zillow Listings Near Tampa

Image credits: Jonny Hofmann

#9 I Am 100% Sure A Cat Designed This

Image credits: Viktor Fougstedt

“That said, a home which functions perfectly in terms of everything working correctly and has a beautiful design aesthetic is the dream,” she said that there has to be a good mix of functionality and a gorgeous look. When you have both, you can’t help but feel happy.

Bored Panda was interested to find out what new homeowners can do to make their new house or apartment feel like it’s truly theirs if they happen to have bought a property with an atrocious interior.

#10 Of Course This Is In Los Angeles. Of Course It Is

Image credits: Anders Vercelli

#11 Wot In Tarnation

Image credits: Chris Reynolds

#12 I Can Finally Contribute. Two Houses Got Married

Image credits: Nina Merriman

Here’s what Ariane had to say about redecorating: “Strip any hideous wallpaper, take up any awful carpet, and start over. I’m a fan of neutral decor with white or cream walls and oak flooring, but that’s not everyone’s thing.”

She continued: “Create a mood board featuring decor you like. Choose four colors maximum per room, stick them on the board and see if they all go together. Everyone has their own unique sense of style; the important thing is that you love your home’s interior. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.” In other words, don’t compromise your own sense of taste just to please others.

#13 South Bass Island, Ohio. A Seamless Addition That Blended In Perfectly With The Original Structure

Image credits: John Bacik

#14 Meanwhile In North Louisiana

Image credits: Jacob Seemann

#15 I Just Do Not Get This Design. At All. Brutalist Design Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

Image credits: Chad Bailey

With property and rent prices in a confusing place right now, we were curious as to what potential homeowners might do if they want to find a decent place to live in without breaking the bank.

“If you’re struggling to find somewhere within your budget, it may be worth looking at Help to Buy schemes if you’re a first-time buyer, and shared ownership schemes if not. Alternatively, explore downsizing, or look in different locations,” Ariane, from ‘These Three Rooms,’ explained to Bored Panda.

#16 Looks Like Something From The Multiverse Of Madness

Image credits: Temaia Clement

#17 Crooked Home In Detroit

Image credits: Vance VanGogh

#18 Why Why Why?

Image credits: Abdul Gurjia

“The further you are from a city, the cheaper property usually is. Though any savings may be obliterated by the cost of commuting to work and traveling generally, so do factor that in,” she warned.

She also shared her own experiences with moving from property to property. “There are often compromises to be had. For instance, I moved from a tiny flat in expensive and pretty North London to a three-bedroom house in much-cheaper East London. The area isn’t as nice and the exterior of the house isn’t as impressive, but now I have over twice as much space and a garden,” said Ariane.

#19 The White Picket Fence Kinda Throws Me Off…

Image credits: Danny Bates

#20 Someone Recently Posted The National Fisheries Development Board Building In Hyderabad, India

welp, i think i found the artist’s rendering of what it was originally intended to look like…and while originally i thought it was odd but kinda cool, now i find it shameful, because it could have (and apparently, should have) looked like this.

(rendering on top, actual on bottom.)

Image credits: Megan Kenal-McLaughlin

#21 Truly A Wonder Of The World

Image credits: Dan DeLand

“Only you know what compromises you’re willing to make, but it really is worth getting on the property ladder as early in life as possible. Though I appreciate that can often be extremely difficult.” If you’re planning on moving in the near future, you might want to take a peek at Ariane’s advice guide about that right over here.

#22 Client – “I Want A Garage.” Architect – “Sure Bro.”

Image credits: Alexander Cocks

#23 Beirut, Lebanon… Feeling Dizzy! This Is A Post Appreciating Interesting Architecture

Image credits: Jennifah Chard

#24 Never Piss Off Your Architect

Image credits: Burak İlhan

A Sweden-based urban planning expert previously told Bored Panda that aesthetic standards can be far more fluid for buildings, so long as all the safety and accessibility standards are maintained. There’s a lot more freedom when we’re talking about privately owned buildings compared to public spaces.

#25 Mike, I Take Your Tea Pot Gas Station And I Raise You A “Last Remaining Shell Station”

Image credits: Ciara Kelley

#26 Sir, Show Me Stairs Designed By Architects Who Hate Drunks

Image credits: Buzz Dixon

#27 Rococo Architecture Chinese Tea House, Sanssouci Park Potsdam – Germany

I took LOTS of art history and architectural history classes in college. This era always confounded me because of the sheer unabashedly over the top aesthetic of the period, the architecture in particular just had no room for restraint. Incredible craftsmanship and yet the whole manages to be less than the parts.
Frederich the Great had it built in 1764.

Image credits: Carol Gray

“Most of the time, the elements of the built environment should be in harmony amidst each other and with the surroundings. However, sometimes, something bolder and out-of-the-box might form an engaging contrast,” she told us.

#28 Are You Happy Now?

Image credits: Feather Morren

#29 Modern A-Frame Cabin In Bedford Hills, NY

Image credits: Carol Gray

#30 Spotted From The Train! This Is A House In Ghent, Belgium. The Cage Was Clearly Inspired By The Surrealist Painter René Magritte

Image credits: Alan De Visscher

According to the expert, built environments should engage, stimulate, and challenge our minds and senses.

“There are circumstances where the architecture should create a sense of calmness and safety, yet there are instances in which it is not bad if the architecture provokes us and makes us think, ‘Why don’t I like the look of this building?’” she stressed that the freedom of expression is a vital part of architecture as a whole.

#31 Seen In Niagara Falls, NY. It Looks Terrified

Image credits: Charlotte Brannan

#32 This Was Recently Brought To My Attention. Absolutely Hideous

Image credits: Krista Itzhak

#33 This House Is Near Where I Used To Live, Clear Lake, Iowa

Image credits: ShayShay Banchs

#34 The Americans Have Noah’s Ark. The Chinese Have

Image credits: Gerrard C. Fabie

#35 I Don’t Know Who To Shame Here

Image credits: Matt Sauter

#36 Supposedly The Smallest House In Ontario

Image credits: Jesse Araiza

#37 Located In Toronto’s East End

Image credits: Kyle Keulen

#38 This Is My House. Have At It

Image credits: Ray C. Freeman III

#39 Idk What The House Looks Like, But This Room Makes Me Hyperventilate

Image credits: Kyle Gayton

#40 Why Just Why?

Image credits: Guillermo Santin

#41 Why? Just Why?

Image credits: Tyler Ouellette

#42 In Boulder. I’m Sure It Must Be Aligned With Something

Image credits: Kendall Miller

#43 I Could Never Shame This, I Just Wanted To Share My Local Community Hall/Coffee Shop/Theatre (Findhorn, Scotland)

Image credits: Adam Blanc

#44 One Job!!!! You Had One Job!

Image credits: Dustin Wyatt

#45 I Think I Found A Glitch In The Matrix

Image credits: Shaynen Kramer

#46 This Home Is Listed For Sale Here In Phoenix For $1 Million. The Owner Spent $7k Installing A Putting Green In What Had Been The Formal Living And Dining Room

Image credits: Pablo Ramirez III

#47 Ummmm… Not A Fan…. Seattle, Wa

Image credits: Robin Briggs

#48 18,000 People, 1 Building. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Image credits: Achu C Babu

#49 These Tiny Houses Are Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: Erik Heppehamer

#50 First Time Poster Long Time Watcher, Saw This On My Travels To One Of My Clients And Just…

Image credits: Josh Molinoff

#51 Weird How I Never Thought About Showing You All The Starbucks I Work At

Image credits: Ellie-Rose Duffin

#52 The Best Products Corp Partnered With An Architectural Firm “Sculpture In The Environment” To Design Nine Storefronts That Were Unique And Unorthodox

Image credits: Will G Benson

#53 Why Do Ya Think About Thee Ripley’s Museums?

Image credits: Ethan Bickmore

#54 I Was Going To Complain About This House That Seems To Have A Complex Roof For No Reason At All

Then I looked at the satellite view and saw how the adjacent home has a terrible roof too, like they were one building, ripped apart.
Then, I wondered if there really was a reason for this madness and turned on a sewer layer on the local GIS map.
Hmm, save the sewer; kill the roofer.

Image credits: Dwight Brennfoerder

#55 Personally, I Think This Building Is A Work Of Art

It’s in the uptown part of Grand Rapids, MI, known as Eastown, which was once a big hippie haven and stomping ground for many interesting and creative transient folks.

Image credits: Sam Swart

#56 No Warmth, No Style, No Soul. This Is Not A Cheap Place To Live

Image credits: David Truett

#57 Filed As ‘Stupid Carport

Image credits: Janine Symons

#58 Spotted This Yesterday In Tallinn, Estonia. I Like It, But It’s Definitely Unusual

Image credits: Sage Wiener

#59 Really? Looking Up Where This Is

Image credits: Ryan Hawley

#60 New Homes In West Asheville, Nc…

Image credits: Steve Arnaudin

#61 East 71st Street In Manhattan

Image credits: John Lauter

#62 Oceanfront We Call It The Siding Sample House

Image credits: Sarah Yates

#63 Ummmm… Not A Fan…. Seattle, Wa

Image credits: Robin Briggs

#64 Coffee Pot Coffee Shop

Image credits: Adam Denny

#65 The National Carpet Museum In Baku

Image credits: Nacho Karlovačko

#66 This Is From Central Copenhagen, Denmark, Very Small Apartments Meant For Students

Image credits: Martin Raahauge Rasmussen

#67 Personally I Like The Way It Looks But Feel It Belongs In This Group

Image credits: Megan Ann

#68 This Is My Neighbor. Something Tells Me The Hoa Didn’t Approve These Colors. And What If I Told You The House Was Painted To Look Like The Car

Image credits: Koryn Liberal-DeYoung

#69 I Mean, I Kind Of Like It…

Image credits: Brook See

#70 If I Was A Vampire, This Would Be My Ideal Vacation Home – Belgium

Image credits: Netty Nellis

#71 I’ve Often Thought The Police Station In My Hometown Of Chorley Must Be The Most Atrocious Building In Britain

Image credits: David Astley

#72 Seen In Newport, Ri: A Victorian With A Gold Onion Dome With A Sailboat Weathervane

Image credits: Lorin Kleinman

#73 That’s A Nice Plain Brick Wall You Got There. It’d Be A Shame If…..

Image credits: Jason Betsch

#74 My Design Clients Want A Kitchen Remodel In Their New House Because They Hate Their “Wedding Cake Pantry”!

Image credits: Barbara Greene

#75 Listed For $420k In California – Described As “Low Maintenance” Front Yard

Image credits: Carson Gordon

#76 A House In My Neighborhood That’s Just Under 6 Million… Too Gaudy?

Image credits: Richard Rasa

#77 This Is An Architectural Nightmare, No Matter How They Describe It. It Sold For $335k In Feb 2022

This one of a kind home will have you dreaming about how to transform the unique space to your tastes! Where else will you find a home offering over 6300 square feet ~ situated on a 2.5 acre lot ~ in the city just minutes from everything happening downtown, Electric Works and all the commercial amenities offered around Jefferson Pointe? You will immediately note the circular drive to the port-cochere leading you through the front entrance. You will stop and stare at the grandeur of the 2 story hall through the center of the home which includes an in ground pool! Living Room, Dining Room, Large eat in Kitchen, 4 Bedrooms plus 3 Full and 1 Half Baths are all included on the main level. You will also find an open Hearth Room at the rear of the pool, a laundry room and the entrance to the 4 CAR ATTACHED GARAGE!! Primary Bedroom Suite includes 2 walk in closets with a built in safe plus a large full Bathroom with large garden tub, shower, double sinks, water closet with stool and bidet PLUS more cupboard space than you can imagine! Upstairs there is a Family Room with built in bookshelves which is open and overlooking the center hall and pool. Step down into another room with half bath and closet which would make a great office or gaming room. The Towpath Trail is directly across the street from this home – and Wildwood Park, a charming and eclectic historic neighborhood borders to the rear of the lot. This home will be sold As-Is.

Image credits: Rebecca Spicknall

#78 Drove By This House In My Old Neighborhood Growing Up. It’s So Bizarre, I Think I Love It

Image credits: Bill Sherman

#79 Found This In The Middle Of The Woods On A Very Rural Road. Stuck Out Because Of How Modern It Is But I Dig It

Image credits: Tim Howard

#80 Saw This In A Listing

Image credits: Allyce Rocco

#81 I Found This Driving Around San Diego The Other Day

Image credits: Courtney Timmons

#82 A While Ago I Posted My Kid’s School And Everyone Got Seasick And Wondered About The Interior

Kid gave me a tour last week and so I present you all some crappy photos of the out- and inside of this high school (Utrecht, Netherlands).

Image credits: Indra Spronk

#83 In Georgetown, Washington Dc. It Doesn’t Even Have A Way To See Outside Anymore! So Curious About The Inside

Image credits: Hillary DeMayo

#84 Sorry, I Just Can’t Get Over This Monstrosity

Image credits: Eric Hansen

#85 It’s Like When You Try On A Hat That’s Too Big For Your Head

Image credits: Jared Vance Verrett

#86 Glenmont, West Orange, New Jersey, The Home Of Thomas Edison For 50 Years Until His Death In 1931. The House Is Huge, Some 125 Feet Long, 116 Feet Wide, And 54 Feet High. And Has 29 Rooms

Image credits: Bud Smith

#87 Thanks Again Flippers, You Ruined It

Image credits: Brooke Weston

#88 We Called This One The Eye Of Sauron

Image credits: Sandra Deasy

#89 Saw This On Another Page

Image credits: Bob Leyenaar

#90 Expensive Condo Complex In My City. I Personally Don’t Think It Looks Good

Image credits: Michel Lafontaine

#91 Philly Is Full Of These Terrible Twins!

Image credits: Raymond Ricketts

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