“That’s It, I’m Hair Shaming”: 81 Times People Couldn’t Hold Back From Roasting Tragic Haircuts

Anton Chekhov wrote that love, friendship and respect do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something. And the Facebook group ‘That’s it, I’m hair shaming’ is an excellent example of that.

With the sole mission of mocking the worst hairstyles, the online community has already attracted 110,200 people to become its members, and the number continues to grow.

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Plus, these folks even switch things up, and after exchanging shame-worthy content on Monday-Saturday, they devote Sunday to compliments and praises. That being said, this time, let’s focus on the juicy stuff.

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#1 The Back Caught Me Off Guard

Image credits: Georgina Bowyer

#2 Had To Share This Look Omg

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#3 But…. Why??? That Is So Dangerous!! Danger Hair Shaming. Is That A Thing??

Image credits: Melanie Zimmermann

#4 He Thought This Was Cute

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#5 Fancy Going Halves On A Box Of Hair Dye?

Image credits: Liv Newton

#6 Some Guy On Dateline

Image credits: Joelle Diaz

#7 These Viral Haircuts Are What Is Trending For Summer 2022

Image credits: Christine's Fashion Shots

#8 Oh, Wow

Image credits: JackSon SoCute

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#9 Half Bald, Half Not

Image credits: Keirsten Gifford

#10 What In The Brad Mondo Is This

Image credits: Zuzka Landová

#11 Am Not Shaming The Content Of This Tik Tok Or What They Are Talking About, But Slapping A Few Clair’s Hair Extensions Onto Your Bald Head Is A Choice

Image credits: Rae Schwartz

#12 Maybe I’m Just Not Feeling Very Patriotic This Year In Light Of Recent Events But I Just Hate It

Image credits: anon

#13 Speechless

Image credits: Téa Stefan

#14 Love Her But The Extensions Hurt To See

Image credits: Lauren Ricketts

#15 This Was On My Timeline

Image credits: RealVictoria Jackson

#16 So

Image credits: Mabel Ingynn

#17 Tik Tok Makes The Hair Stylist In Me Ache

Image credits: Abby Misuraca

#18 Someone Is Ready For The Easter

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#19 Just Thought Y’all Would Get A Kick Out Of This Like I Did

Image credits: Rose Lopez

#20 Like…. What?! How Do You Even Go About Asking For Something Like This

Image credits: KymLee Nicholls

#21 Cristian Castro

Image credits: Suelta la Sopa

#22 My God

Image credits: Alyssa Nykol

#23 A Very Prestigious Salon From My Area

Image credits: anon

#24 ???

Image credits: Autumn Raé

#25 A Local. I Might Need That Toner Formula Though

Image credits: Weslea Keethers

#26 Looks Like She Cut It Herself

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#27 A Local Place In My Town Posts Some Of The Cringiest Haircuts I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Mikala Jones

#28 Found On Tiktok

Image credits: Megan Edge

#29 This Is A Crime Against Hair. Not Hiding The Face Because She’s A Politician

Image credits: Ayesha Aslam

#30 He Thought It Looked Good

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#31 Nahhh

Image credits: anon

#32 I Guess The Customer Is Always Right

Image credits: Rikki Burley

#33 Poor Girl

Image credits: Emily Marie

#34 Found On Insta

Image credits: Jessica Tkach

#35 Well It’s Something

Image credits: Bailee Rawson

#36 Omg Time Travel!

Image credits: Ciana Baltimore

#37 So Much Going On

Image credits: anon

#38 This Lady Was In My Chair Yesterday. She Had To Walk Around For A Whole Week Like This. All She Had Asked For Was An Inverted Bob Cut. They Did Her So Dirty

Image credits: Ashley Felkins

#39 Must Be Windy Out Xx

Image credits: Shelly Andrea Williams

#40 Local Salon

Image credits: anon

#41 My Hair After I Got It Cut In A Local Mall. Went Back And Complained, The Lady Told Me My Hair Was “Impossible” And That This Is The “Least Bad” I Could Hope For

Image credits: Jennie Bondesson

#42 This Hairdoo

Image credits: Szabina Lengyel

#43 Scary Back

Image credits: Lufuno Khumalo

#44 Just

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#45 I Dont Think I Can Be Shamed For Posting This…i Assume A Soccer Ball And Football? But Who Knows

Image credits: Aubree Brocklehurst

#46 I Joined This Group To Have The Opportunity To Post This

Image credits: Jessica Barnes

#47 The Is From The Hbo Documentary The Way Down. Never Have I Seen A Hair Style Like That

Image credits: Alicia Austin

#48 Went On Amazon To Look For A New Clipper Set…. Why Would They Do This To Someone’s Hairline

Image credits: Diana Patterson

#49 Look At This Monstrosity

Image credits: Emily Rosemiller

#50 Saw This Guy On Tinder An Ran Here (It’s Not A Flipped Over Mohawk)

Image credits: Jana Katharina

#51 Omg What Happened ?

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#52 It Just Makes Me Uncomfy

Image credits: Hannah Daley

#53 It Was A Marketplace Post… For Extensions

Image credits: Rose Lovesugly

#54 It’s Cute Style But The Cut Looks Bad !

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#55 Give This Haircut Name

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#56 What. Is. This

Image credits: Hairbrained

#57 This

Image credits: Emily Marie

#58 The Style Is Very Typical – Not Shaming That As It Is A Cultural Thing For Travellers In The U.k. But Those Extensions Are Shocking

Image credits: Tasmin Mia

#59 Good Lord

Image credits: Anna Michelle Sloan

#60 Nope, Not For Me!

Image credits: Melissa Dawn

#61 All I Gotta Say Is I See The Vision

Image credits: Lay Shotta

#62 My Hair 7 Years Ago

Image credits: Kaitlin Meek

#63 80s Karen

Image credits: Laura Calandrino

#64 I Came Across Something I Saw, Quite Interesting

Image credits: Jessica Jimenez

#65 Saw This Posted In Another One Of My Groups

Image credits: Taylor Rose

#66 She Thought It Look Good

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#67 I Don’t Even Know Where To Start

Image credits: Joce Gehris

#68 Oh My….

Image credits: Kandice Marie Ikerd

#69 Listen, I Love This Girl Who Did Her Hair, But The Execution On This..

Image credits: anon

#70 Advertisement For ‘Bubble Braids’

Image credits: Alexandra McKay

#71 Fade

Image credits: Javier_The_Barber3

#72 How Would You Even Fix This

Image credits: Rikki Burley

#73 I Saw An Earlier Post That Looked Kind Of Similar To This One

Image credits: Cynthia Jeffries

#74 A Kpop Idol

Image credits: 아름나비

#75 We Love Us Some Extensions

Image credits: Aura Pavlova

#76 I Mean It Could Be Good But The Rats Nest Buns And Thick Ass Bangs Kinda Killed It For Me.. Sorry If You’re Here

Image credits: Carlie Frank

#77 I’m Sorry But These Bangs

Image credits: Bailey Evrard

#78 This Was For A Musical So Maybe They Couldn’t Alter The Wig But Come On

Image credits: anon

#79 The Point Of No Return

Image credits: Emily Marie

#80 She Looks Cute But The Hair Look Bad

Image credits: Christy Zavala

#81 Miss America, 1924

Image credits: The Fabulous Weird Trotter

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