‘That’s It, I’m Home Shaming’: 480K Members Of This Facebook Group Make Fun Of Ugly Homes, And Here Are The Worst Of The Bunch (97 New Pics)

Your home might be your castle, but those walls don’t make you immune to bad design and decor choices. That’s where the super-popular ‘That’s it, I’m home shaming’ Facebook group comes in. The brainchild of Rhiannon Pfeiffer, the 480k-strong community gently makes fun of the interiors and exteriors of ugly homes they’ve seen that haunt them in their dreams. It’s all done in a lighthearted way for the sake of fun and to help spread a bit of awareness about aesthetics.

Scroll down, upvote your fave worst pics, and share your opinions in the comments, Pandas. Which of these houses did you love to hate the most? Were there any diamonds in the rough that you’d actually choose to live in? We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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When you’ve looked through this list, we hope you’re in the mood for judging some more tasteless design nightmares. You can find Bored Panda’s previous article about the ‘That’s it, I’m home shaming’ project right over here

We spoke to Ariane Sherine, the editor at ‘These Three Rooms,’ about leaving a good impression on our guests when we invite them over to our homes. We also chatted about design and decor faux pas, and whether to be diplomatic or honest if our friends’ interiors lack good taste. Check out Bored Panda’s interview with the design expert below.

#1 Corn Counter

Image credits: Amanda Wall

“Most people like tasteful neutral decor, so bright and dark colors should be used sparingly and with care. You can never go wrong with white walls and engineered oak flooring!” design expert Ariane, the editor at ‘These Three Rooms,’ shared with Bored Panda how we can all impress the people we invite over. After all, who doesn’t want to show off a bit and be known as the tasteful one in their social circle?

“If you’re not into white, try some elegant shades of light beige or light grey,” she said, adding that Farrow & Ball offer lots of these shades.

“I’m not against maximalism per se, but minimalism appeals to more people and to my own personal taste. Basically, the more daring you go, the fewer people are likely to like the design—the more neutral and light it is, the broader its appeal,” Ariane explained how this works.

#2 This Person Made The Back Of The Garage Look Like A Tiny House. It Makes Us Laugh Every Time We Drive By

Image credits: Patricia Mauldin

#3 I Assume A Business Not A House. But Ya Never Know

Image credits: Aiyana Lutkiewicz

Meanwhile, there are some obvious things to avoid doing if you don’t want to scare your guests away. The editor at ‘These Three Rooms’ shared some of her thoughts about what to steer clear of.

“Walking into a room with every wall a shade of bright red or hot pink or with incredibly colorful wallpaper can feel like being visually assaulted! And walking into a room with every wall painted black or a very dark shade depresses the mood and closes the room in, making it feel pokier,” Ariane said.

“Also, don’t crowd your room with patterns and fill every wall with photos/prints/wallpaper. If you want to use pattern, fine, but leave some blank space so the design has room to breathe,” she said that it’s generally better to balance things towards the ‘less is more’ side of things.

#4 It’s Colorful

Image credits: Jessica Lee

#5 I Can’t House Shame This Because I Love It, Even Though I Don’t Want To Live Next Door To It. It Is Located In My Previous Home Town And Was Painted Out Of Spite. The Reason Escapes Me, But It Was At Least 20 Years Ago And It Has Become A Go To Place To See When One Is In Grand Forks, Nd. I Esp. Love The Lime Green Trim. Seriously, How Cool Is This

Image credits: Deb Robieson Kirby

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#6 12-Story Private Home

Image credits: Dawn Kelley

Bored Panda wanted Ariane’s opinion on how to approach situations where we might be tempted to let our friends know that they’ve made some (arguably) terrible and tasteless decor decisions.

“If it’s before they’ve made the decision or paid any money I’d tactfully and gently caution against terrible choices—depending on how good a friend they were, how well they were likely to take the advice, and how much time I was going to spend in their home!” she said. However, in other situations, it’s best to be very tactful and stay silent.

“If they’ve paid money and there’s no going back, I’d be diplomatic about it. I wouldn’t say ‘I love it’ if I didn’t but I wouldn’t criticize. The beauty of design is that people are free to make their own personal decisions, however questionable!”

#7 Spider-Man: “How’d That Get In There..?”

Image credits: Cameron Shepherd

#8 I Was Looking At Airbnb’s And I Found This Gem

Image credits: Sage Forholt

#9 Nope

Image credits: Lara Carroll

The ‘That’s it, I’m home shaming’ Facebook group has grown almost fivefold since Bored Panda’s last article about it. The community describes itself as a place where people can “gag at ghastly floor-to-wall color combinations,” “cringe at lawns that use car tires for yard decorations” (ew!), and feel like they’ve lost a part of their soul because someone unironically hung up a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ sign on the wall.

The group quips that, in this case, they hope that the phrase ‘there is no place like home’ is actually true.

#10 This Is Just

Image credits: Jayda Penland

#11 Was Looking Through Listings When I Came Upon This

Image credits: Heidi JM

#12 I’m Not Sure If It Was The Face On The Toilet Tank That Put It Over The Top, Or What…

Image credits: Lara Carroll

However, the team running things behind the scenes stresses that the point of the community is to shame ugly home designs, not to make fun of those living in impoverished conditions. There’s nothing funny or lighthearted about having to live in poverty. However, when someone spends money on really weird decor, they become eligible for criticism, as long as nobody’s being overly mean.

The mod and admin team notes that people shouldn’t message members of the group without their permission. There’s a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to hate, stalking, and harassment. Meanwhile, members shouldn’t be spamming the team running things if their post hasn’t been approved (yet).

#13 1300€ Per Month And I Have No Idea How To Open The Toilet Lid

Image credits: Mona Walther

#14 I Have So Many Questions About What’s Up With This Basement In Pickens Sc….

Image credits: Shannon Noel Halliday

#15 This Is In An Upstairs Of A House Listed In My Area. What?! Why?!

Image credits: Sarah Kotsovolos

However, it’s not all design shaming and ugly homes that make us want to scream due to how tasteless they look. On #WhateverWednesdays, people can post whatever they want. Yup, you can post nice homes, too!

Last time, my colleague reached out to the team running the entire ‘That it, I’m home shaming’ group, and they were kind enough to answer his questions.

The founder of the group, Rhiannon, said that she came up with the idea for the group while checking out some real estate listings. “I had a lot of free time at work one day and was mindlessly scrolling on Zillow. I came across a home in such poor taste that I decided to make a group about shaming ugly homes and décor for fun,” she told Bored Panda earlier.

#16 Don’t Know If It’s Been Posted Yet But…. Pflugerville Texas Represent!!!!

Image credits: Joe Linguine

#17 Yikes

Image credits: Madison Niles

#18 What About This Mid Century Toilet In The Home?

Image credits: Mylene Hui Davis

According to Rhiannon, the founder of the Facebook group, “the most popular reason for people shaming homes in this group is the interest we all share in bizarre and out of ordinary things we come across.” 

She continued: “We see so many shows on TV about interior design and beautiful homes but we never do see anything on the ‘crazy’ and ‘just plain ugly’ houses and décor and I believe that is why we have such a loyal following.”

#19 This Is The “After” She Got Done Redecorating

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#20 Can’t Tell If This Is A Very Efficient Use Of Space Or Just, You Know, Worthy Of Being Shamed

Image credits: Jordan Grassi

#21 On Zillow In Northwest Indiana. I Got Nothin

Image credits: Mary Bradford

According to Veronica Murphy, one of the team members running ‘That’s it, I’m home shaming,’ Rhiannon created the group during the first year of the pandemic and invited most of the moderators and administrators then.

“It was a fun way to pass time in quarantine; I think many of us spend countless hours going through houses on Zillow, so it’s great to see some of the outrageous things people have found!” Veronica told Bored Panda earlier.

#22 That Backyard Is Quite A Beautiful View

Image credits: Karey Lape

#23 These Homes Are A Huge A Shame… Can You Imagine If You Bought One Of These, Thinking It Was Going To Be A Fabulous Area! They Do Look Haunted. Apparently This Was A Billion Dollar Project Near Branson, Mo, That Ended Up Being Abandoned

Image credits: Debbie White

#24 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 18 Car Garage. Perfect Design

Image credits: Layne Kvall

“Why on earth do so many bathrooms have carpet, strange DIY fixes, or hot pink and lime green kitchens?” Veronica jokes, referring to how the design and decor decisions are supposed to be an expression of who the homeowners are as individuals.

Meanwhile, moderator Faline Ivaneko said: “We get a lot of wacky, fun, and cringey things posted and some people hate them, and some people love them! We’re not entirely a shaming group because people are allowed to express whether they love a home/decor or not in the comments.”

#25 I Feel Like This Remodeled Kitchen/Eat In Area Is Missing A Stripper Pole

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#26 No, This Is Not An 8 Year Old Bedroom, This Is A Grown Woman’s Dining Room. She Wanted To Know What Color Rug She Should Get

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#27 In Our Home Search….i Have Seen Some Odd Things…. But I Have Looked At This Photo A Hundred Times…. And Still Cannot Figure Out Why In The Heck… Would A Bathtub Not Only Be In The Living Room…. But At The Bottom Of The Stairs

Image credits: Stacy Morris

“The comments section can be hilarious and almost everyone has a great sense of humor. We, of course, do get some rotten eggs but our wonderful admin/mod team are quick to clean up the comments and remove anyone being mean or hateful,” Faline added. “Overall it’s a super fun group if you want to get a laugh, see some really wacky homes and decor, or even get inspiration for your own home.”

#28 For $250k This Can Be Yours

Image credits: Jessica Thomson

#29 My House Hunt Found This Beauty

Image credits: Anabelle Martin

#30 This Is In A Community In Ransom Canyon, Outside Of Lubbock Texas. Not Really Shaming But It’s Completely Crazy And Interesting And I Don’t Think Living There Is Really An Option. Ot Was Unfinished Forever After The Owner Passed, It Is Now Going To Be A Vrbo. It Was Designed By Metal Sculptor Robert Bruno. I’ll Put The Link In The Comments

Image credits: Christina Bentley Woody

The founder of ‘That’s it, I’m home shaming,’ said that the Facebook group is a lot of fun to be a part of. “It is really an indescribable feeling when someone is able to share a picture or video they took or came across during their day to contribute and share with others in a group you created out of sheer boredom. I love that the group can provide entertainment and make people smile, that is really the end goal here. The members of ‘That’s it I’m home shaming’ are the extended family I never expected to have, but will always love.”

#31 I Mean, It’s A Statement Piece For A Home For Sure

Image credits: Brittany Owens

#32 Winnie The Pooh Has Seen Some Things

Image credits: Crystal Boggs

#33 I Thought This Post Belonged Here. But My Boyfriend’s Sister Just Painted And Redid One Of Our Rooms In The House. The Room Is Painted Like 3 Different Colors And There’s An Accent Wall That’s Just Gray

Image credits: Kailey Allen

#34 Whats Your Opinion On This UFO Homes In Albuquerque Nm?

Image credits: Martín OA

#35 Yuck

Image credits: Darci Davis

#36 Philips LED Light Strips Should Be Banned

Image credits: Suzi Roy

#37 This Sink

Image credits: Megan Abell

#38 Could Be Worse

Image credits: Estrella Castra

#39 My House Is Mine And It Reflects Me And My Life Style

Image credits: Carol Struck

#40 Driving Around My Friends Neighborhood And Come Across This Monstrosity!! It’s A Little Too Dark To Tell But The Shutters And Front Door Are A Deep Dark Purple Color

Image credits: Caroline Esparis

#41 How Many Lights Do You Need????? The House Is Nice But Like??? Why You Have So Many Lights In One Bathroom

Image credits: Andrea Zehner

#42 Is A Yes And No

Image credits: Estrella Castra

#43 This Is An Average Split Level About 2,000 Sq Ft. This Is The Living Room. I’m Not Sure What Its Purpose Is

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#44 I’m Home Shaming A Place We Just Bought. I Present The Coca Cola Bathroom. The Floor Is Also Just Wood Boards Glued Directly To The Concrete. It’s…a Look. Nothing In The Rest Of The House Even Remotely Resembles This. It’s Truly An Oddity

Image credits: Katie Mae Carstens

#45 Yikes

Image credits: Crystal Boggs

#46 Bedroom Kitchen?

Image credits: Carol Struck

#47 This Is A House In My City That I’ve Always Thought Stuck Out Like A Soar Thumb! It’s Used As A College Rental But I’m Surprised The Pepto Pink Has Stuck Around For So Long!

Image credits: Grace Johnson

#48 Trim, Check. Wall Color, Check. Cabinet Color, Check. Um….just No On The Floor And Counter. Does Not Match One Bit With The Whites And Grays

Image credits: Jennifer Wesner Heidt

#49 I Am Home Shaming Myself After Letting Them Have At It Years Ago I Am Now Paying The Price Of Building A Memory. Trying To Sand Down The Bumps It’s Not Working

Image credits: Mandy Pfingsten

#50 Quite…. Interesting..

Image credits: Karina Verdin

#51 This Is I Guess A Kid’s Bedroom. This Is Cursed

Image credits: Kelly Caldwell

#52 The Layout Of The Roof For Some Reason Just Makes My Skin Crawl

Image credits: Kayla Nichole Wimmer

#53 From Another Group I’m In…they Were Looking For Suggestions To Hide The Litter Box…

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#54 I Just

Image credits: Brittany Cailin

#55 Another Toilet On A Stage. I Just Don’t Get It

Image credits: Court Gautier

#56 Nice House For Sale Near Me .. But Why So Many Different Colors Of Orange And The Green And Red Living Room

Image credits: Avia Hatmaker

#57 Yes Or No?

Image credits: Laura Olszewski

#58 One Of My Roommates Exhaust Fan In His Bathroom…

Image credits: Allie Lee

#59 What Is That Island – An Enclosed Table?

Image credits: Carol Struck

#60 There’s Very Strange House In Ferndale, Washington Just Off Main St. That Runs Right Thru Town. I’ve Warched This House Morph Strangely Thru The Years…always Wondered What The Back Story Was/Is…notice The Creepy Face In The Window Just Under The Clock On The Last Pic…what Is Going On With This Place?

Image credits: Samantha Daubenspeck

#61 In The Listing The Realtor Tried To Put The Spin On It “First Time Available In 30 Years!”. Yeah And First Time Cleaned Too. The Bottom Picture Was A Vent I Noticed In Another Room

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#62 Has Anyone Came Across This On Zillow? It’s A Creepy (Obviously Not Real) House Listing That Also Has A Short Clip Of A Haunted 3D House Tour. I Really Don’t Know Why Zillow Has This On Their Website Because It’s Not An Actual Home You Can Buy But It’s A Creepy Short Film Video For Sure And It’s Worth Seeing. I Just Couldn’t Post The Video On Here.

Image credits: Stephanie Ward

#63 And We Thought Airplane Toilets Were Like Using The Bathroom In A Closet

Image credits: Kory Dob

#64 Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Knotty Pine? This House Says Knot On Your Life

Image credits: Alea Crisco Lewis

#65 I Can’t Say This Is A Selling Point For Me

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#66 My New Apartment Has A Full Size Window In The Tub….. First Pic Is Outside Of My Tub . Second Pic Is Inside My Tub

Image credits: Lee Roo Say

#67 1.1 Million Dollars! They Could Have At Least Centered The Door. Alhambra Ca

Image credits: Lawrence Morton

#68 This House Actually Exists. Sadly, I Am A Witness

Image credits: Eileen Melinda Bridgetts

#69 Maybe This Is A New Diet Idea? Place Your Fridge So Far Away You Won’t Be Bothered To Go To It To Get Any Food

Image credits: Katie Lurvey

#70 This House On My Way To Work

Image credits: Courtzski Lee

#71 2 Bed, 1 Bath…almost 1 Kitchen?

Image credits: Lara Carroll

#72 I Took This Picture Years Ago In My Neighborhood. I Didn’t Understand Then And I Don’t Understand Now They No Longer Remain. I Can’t Imagine Why?

Image credits: Elizabeth McHugh

#73 Uh, I Don’t Even Know What To Say On This One. I’m Confused

Image credits: AllieMae Kitty Schimmrich

#74 Yay! I Have One To Share!

Image credits: Laura L. Hully

#75 This Tiny Cottage In Dublin Though – Bargain. And Yes, Just The Middle Cottage, One Front Window, No Upstairs

Image credits: Ann Reddin

#76 What Is Going On For Sale On Fir Lane?

Image credits: Muma Jake

#77 Found While Visiting Smithville Tx

Image credits: Meredith Hitt

#78 Let’s Go Out On The Deck And Get Some Fresh Air…

Image credits: Nirmana Devi Dasi

#79 Idk How I Feel About This Bathroom But I’m Definitely Not A Fan Of The Bedroom Lights, Or The Door To *inside* The Wall

Image credits: Ellie Barker

#80 This Minecraft Home Is In The Middle Of Amish Country Pa!!

Image credits: Susan Heisler Eckert

#81 This Kitchen Could Be Yours!!

Image credits: Laura Dunday

#82 This Is The Downstairs Bathroom In The House I Just Bought… It’s A Pleasure ? Lol Seriously Can’t Wait To Redo This Whole Bathroom. And To Answer Everyone’s Questions: That’s A Laundry Chute And My Camera Angle Makes The Toilet Look Wide. My Bad

Image credits: Kari Ehrhart

#83 I Love The House For The Most Part. The Price Is Awesome. But The Wall In The Living Room…why? I Know It’s Just Primer And Paint To Fix It But…why?

Image credits: Katie Lurvey

#84 I Really Want To Know What Is On The Other Side Of The Mini Door!

Image credits: Nicole Baker

#85 Landlord Came In And Put New Flooring Down… Just Totally Forgot To Match The Rest Of The Apartment

Image credits: Grace Elizabeth

#86 Typically I Am Writing Some Backstory Narrative For A Post, But Today I Am Asking For Yours. This Is A Bathroom In A Home I Just Purchased. It Is Lined Entirely In 1977 Cedar In The Shower/Bath. Both Awkward And Unappealing It Brings The Trifecta Home With Laying Some Visual Smell On The Table

Image credits: Liana West

#87 I Can Smell The 70’s, Mold, Asbestos & Bad Choices From Here

Image credits: Nadine Nuhn

#88 This Example, On A 600k+ Home In Pennsylvania

Image credits: Ellen S. Kîngsley

#89 This Is In My Neighborhood And Wanted To Post To See What U Think Of The Steps And Door

Image credits: Angie Welborn

#90 2 Much?

Image credits: Sarada Bennett

#91 The Floor Tiles Aren’t Even The Worst Part

Image credits: Amanda Georgewill

#92 Not So Much The House Itself, But Read That Description Closely

Image credits: Bob Bonin

#93 We Are House Hunting And Came Across This One Online. I Have So Many Words But None Are Nice

Image credits: Angela Russow

#94 This House Is For Sale In My Neighbourhood. That Guy Is Coming In Hot For Dinner!

Image credits: Julie Parr

#95 This Was The First House I Lived In With My Husband. We Bought It With This Random Working Toilet In The Hole In The Wall Leading To The Basement. The Door You See Is For The Stairs To The Basement, Not The “Bathroom.” And They Had The Nerve To Call This A “Half Bath” On The Listing

Image credits: Jordan Taylor Chulski

#96 $350 Grand Canadian…. Hmmmm I’ll Pass

Image credits: Kendall Mills

#97 This House Has The Worst Exterior I’ve Ever Seen. The Wood Looks Bad. They Also Just Shoved Rocks Places. Wisconsin House

Image credits: Mady Vodicka

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