‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming’: 131 Times People Got Hilariously Bad Tattoos And Didn’t Even Realize It (New Pics)

Did you know that 48% of adults in Italy have a tattoo? Not far behind, 47% of Swedes have at least one piece of ink. And in the United States, 46% of adults have been permanently branded with artwork. Well, “artwork” might be a stretch, because in some cases, these tattoos are just painfully bad.

That’s right, folks. Today, we’re going on another deep dive through the That’s It, I’m Inkshaming (Actually Bad Tattoos) Facebook group, which shares photos of some of the worst tattoos the world has ever seen. If you’re considering getting a new piece of ink any time soon, these photos will make you think long and hard about that decision (As you should!). And if you already have some tattoos that you’re not particularly proud of, just know, they could always be worse.

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Keep reading to find a conversation we were lucky enough to have with the Administrators and Moderators of That’s It, I’m Inkshaming (Actually Bad Tattoos), and be sure to upvote all of the pictures that you would show a teenager to scare them out of getting tattoos. Then, if you’re interested in checking out even more tattoos that must sting worse and worse the longer they exist, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the same Facebook group right here!

#1 Found This On Someone’s Facebook

Image credits: Jess Akers

To learn more about how That’s It, I’m Inkshaming (Actually Bad Tattoos) came to be, we reached out to the administrators and moderators of the group on Facebook. “There’s another group on Facebook called That’s It, I’m Inkshaming. Several members of that group were disappointed by the rising level of quality of tattoos in that group, so they splintered off and started this page, That’s It, I’m Inkshaming (Actually Bad Tattoos),” the admins told Bored Panda. 

“The modmin team works hard to weed out submissions that are bad in concept, but are technically applied well,” they explained. “There’s another group for that type of tattoo, called Eh, It’s Not Really A Bad Tattoo, I Just Don’t Like It.”

“Since the inception of our group, the page has far surpassed the original group in membership, engagement, and posts per day. We even have a couple copycat groups that try to emulate our formula, to varying degrees of success,” the modmin team shared.

#2 Oh My!! The Arms, The Teeth, Just… Everything!! They Truly Hate This Person They Had Tattooed On Them!!

Image credits: Kelly Dreller

#3 Did Kathy Bates Have A Go At Her Ankles?

Image credits: Brian Aguilar

We were also curious if the administrators and moderators of this Facebook group actually have any tattoos themselves, and as it turns out, despite being a diverse group, they all do! “We’ve got folks working in Project Management and Administration, a Senior Technical Support Analyst, a Senior Editor for a pop culture news site, a beertender, a salt bagger, a cat rescuer, a few full time parents,” they shared with Bored Panda. 

“Working full time jobs (or several part time jobs) and finding time and energy to manage a page like ours is challenging, but is usually rewarding and worth the effort,” the modmin team noted. 

“We all have tattoos, and love them because they’re snapshots of our individual life experiences,” they explained. “There are some really bad ones that we got when we were young and dumb, and some really spectacular pieces that represent other phases in life. Tattoos can be anything, and represent anything. There really is no end to the creative possibility.”

#4 Why Would Anyone Care How Much They Charge After Seeing This?!

Image credits: Group member

#5 This Person Is Actually In The Process Of A Coverup, But Im Not Even Sure What It Was Originally. Thank Goodness The Cover Is Looking Pretty Damn Amazing

Image credits: Heather Ingram

#6 Wtf

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Image credits: Group member

We also asked the administrators and moderators why they think it’s so common to end up with a tragic tattoo. “At this point, tattooing is a very common artform. If you don’t have a tattoo, you know someone who does. And if you have one yourself, you probably have several. It’s not the type of thing people usually give up on after just one,” they pointed out. 

But if you’re unhappy with one of your pieces, know that you’re in good company. “It’s very rare that anyone with tattoos doesn’t have at least one that’s really bad,” they added. “Whether it’s the first tattoo that they got on their 18th birthday because they were young and inexperienced, the unrecognizable blown out vacation tattoo, or the bad decision made on their cousin’s kitchen table, almost everyone who’s inked has one terrifically bad tattoo.” 

#7 Hello Lovely People, This Is My Horrid Tattoo! Roast It In The Comments Before My Coverup Appointment On The 28th!! (Be Harsh Hahah)

Image credits: Chloe Chloe

#8 These Faces Couldn’t Possibly Have Been An Accident. Right? Right!? I Have Searched For An Explanation And There Is None

Image credits: Hayley Thomas

#9 Top Quality

Image credits: Tabbie Wolfkiel

We also asked the modmin team if they think people often realize when they have a bad tattoo, or if it’s all just a matter of preference. “Most people do recognize these pieces are bad, but either haven’t thought of the perfect cover-up yet, or just don’t have the money to have it lasered off or blasted over,” they told Bored Panda. 

“It becomes sort of a conversation piece for the rest of their lives. The majority of folks in this situation will tell you the tattoo is bad, and crack jokes on it. That’s the reason behind Self Shame Sunday on the page. Members bring their own tattoo pics to the group, and we all have a good laugh together.” 

“Of course, there are some who don’t recognize that their terrible tattoo is terrible, and others who just love bad tattoos and get them intentionally,” the modmin team added. “There’s actually a sort of bad tattoo movement called ‘ignorant style.’ It was popularized by a street artist named Fuzi, and the pieces mimic the kind of terrible tattoos one would get in the basement of a friend’s house at a keg party. It’s… definitely a choice.”

#10 If I Ever Saw This Lion In Real Life, I’m Sorry, But I’d Have To Put It Out Of Its Misery

Image credits: Wendy Louise McGrath

#11 This Looks Like A Gigantic Chicken Ring From Elementary School Lunch When I Was Younger

Image credits: Saranda Osterfeld


Image credits: Group member

And when it comes to what qualifies as an “inkshame” worthy tattoo, the modmin team told Bored Panda that they “really try to focus on the quality of art and application, rather than content”.

“There’s no room in our group for racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, content shaming, kink shaming, body shaming, or any other lifestyle judgments on canvases,” they added. “The modmins don’t care that it’s a Twilight tattoo, or that someone wanted the Nickelback logo across their entire back. We’re looking for wonky lines, blowouts, unconnected lines, messy shading, unrealistic anatomy… actually bad tattoos.”

#13 The Woman Was Too Stunned To Speak

Image credits: Jessi Vines


Image credits: Group member

#15 Uh Oh…

Image credits: Chelsea Klein

We were also curious if there were any particularly bad pieces on the page that are permanently tattooed into the modmin team’s minds. “The most recent tattoo that really stands out is the one we’re currently using as our banner image,” they told Bored Panda. “It’s a woman who got a tattoo of a sun on her hip, but the orientation and application are so bizarre, it’s unbelievable. The sun is right side up if she’s on all fours. There are rays coming off the sun, through her thigh, and into her calf, ankle, and foot, but only if she’s squatted down, naked, in the weirdest, most awkward position you can imagine. It is gloriously bad, for so many reasons.”

#16 Saw This One On My Feed. Supposedly Its A Teddy Bear With A Honey Pot And A Bee Above Its Head

Image credits: Lori Dunahee

#17 A Shop Near Me Did Artist On Artist “Blind Tattoos”…. I’m Wondering If That Means They Were Blindfolded Because Yikes

Image credits: Taylor Gribble

#18 Found In The Wild, Op Is Very Disappointed. This Shop Is Local To Me. Ugh, I Just Feel So Bad For The Op

Image credits: Vic McLellan

The modmin team also shared what they think the most important things to consider before getting inked up are. “Always plan ahead. Once you’ve figured out what you want, search engines are your friend,” they noted. “Find examples of the style and subject that you’re looking for, and research local artists that specialize in that specific style, and that are at least aware of the subject. If you want an American Traditional Cyberman head with a sonic screwdriver handled dagger plunged through its metal skull, make sure your artist does AmTrad and has a favorite Doctor Who villain before dropping that deposit.”

“Communication with the artist is key,” they added. “Bring reference photos. Discuss what you like and dislike about each image, and ask questions. Any artist worth their salt will listen and give feedback before producing their own image based on your preferences.” 

#19 I Understand It’s For Her Dad Which Explains The Handwriting But The Line Work…

Image credits: Group member

#20 Someone Made A Mistacs

Image credits: Jason Nunez

#21 Finally I Got Something

Image credits: Erika Kzadilla

“Once the stencil is prepared and applied, if there’s something that rubs you wrong, SPEAK UP,” the modmin team told Bored Panda. “Odd placement? Details different than discussed? Smaller than you wanted? Bigger? This is the time to say something. Be open to suggestions from a reputable artist, but if they aren’t able or willing to do exactly what you want, consider a different tattoo, or a different artist.”

“If anything makes you uncomfortable about the stencil, it will continue to make you uncomfortable for the life of the piece,” they noted. “Patience is also a big factor in the quality of a tattoo. If an artist is booked out two months, but you’re certain they’re the artist you want to work with, drop that deposit and wait it out. The books are full for a reason. Respect the wait.”

#22 He Tried To Copy His Friend’s Design

Image credits: Brian Aguilar

#23 This Is Just Bad. He’s Such A Nice Kid, Too

Image credits: Alexis Boyens-Hahn

#24 Found In An Anime Group, Said It Was Self Done

Image credits: Dan Day

“Ultimately, our group is about having fun in a safe, like-minded community,” the administrators and moderators told Bored Panda. “We encourage group participation and have special share days that don’t follow the usual rules for submission (except the ones about hate speech and banned subjects).” 

“We already mentioned Self Shame Sunday. That’s a fun one, where members put up their own terrible tattoos to have a laugh at their own expense,” they shared. “There’s also Humble Hump Day, where members can display their own personal tattoos for praise OR shame, Brag or Bomb, where tattoo artists can post their own work, and OP vs. Modmin, where members can post any tattoo, even if it was previously rejected by the modmin team, to get the group’s reaction.” 

“We also have a dedicated message box, where members are always welcome to ask questions, make suggestions, or present concerns. The door is always open. We want to hear what we’re doing right, and what we may be able to improve upon,” the modmin team shared. If you’d like to join the group and get involved in the mocking, you can find That’s It, I’m Inkshaming (Actually Bad Tattoos) on Facebook right here!

#25 Wow

Image credits: Group member

#26 White Lightning

Image credits: Ryan Plugs McGnarls

#27 Damn, Rough Tattoo Spotted In A Dating App

Image credits: Alejandro Gonzalez

Are you feeling terrified to ever get a tattoo? Don’t worry, you don’t have to live with the “artwork” featured on this list, so you can enjoy upvoting the most painful pictures and feeling relieved that you haven’t made the same mistakes as these people. Let us know in the comments what the most tragic tattoo you’ve ever seen was, and then if you still haven’t checked out Bored Panda’s previous article featuring That’s It, I’m Inkshaming (Actually Bad Tattoos), you can find that right here

#28 Tattoos And Piercings Not Good

Image credits: Shelly Andrea Williams

#29 Go Ham Pls

Image credits: India Sparks

#30 She Is Making Herself A Work Of Art

Image credits: Jamie Fox

#31 What Do You Think Of His New Tattoo?

Image credits: Brian Aguilar

#32 Found In A Local Police Report. What Does It Even Say?

Image credits: Carrie Ann Crockett

#33 Found On Instagram. I’m So Confused Because It Looks Like He Just Abandoned The Outline He Drew Almost Immediately

Image credits: Chelsea M Carboni

#34 Stick And Poke “Of The Fence”

Image credits: Nick Sargent

#35 In A Tattoo Group I’m In

Image credits: Group member

#36 Found On The Tok. She’s Having It Removed.. Wonder Why

Image credits: Jessica Tkach

#37 Oh God

Image credits: Group member

#38 Found In One Of My Other Groups. Her BF Was Taking Pics To Show Off The Hickies He Gave Her. But All I Can See Is The Tattoos

Image credits: Rin Toshaka

#39 Found On A Stranger Things Page

Image credits: Group member

#40 From The Owner Of A Shop Near My Old House

Image credits: Joanne Tanner

#41 I Found This Gem From A Newer Local Shop Near Me!

Image credits: Group member

#42 I’ve Been Staring At This Thing For An Hour And I Still Don’t Know What It Is

Image credits: Brian Aguilar

#43 Saw This On One Of My Fb Friend’s Stories I’m Just At A Loss Of Words

Image credits: Group member

#44 That Hass To Be Intentional Please Tell Me That’s Intentional

Image credits: Angela Duke

#45 Came Across This Masterpiece On Tt

Image credits: Maddie Weddington

#46 Found This In The Wild Turd Fingers

Image credits: Group member

#47 Rawr Xd

Image credits: Elizabeth Kay Peggs

#48 Yes, I Would Like A “Smoke Tattoo” But Make It Look Like An Eternal Fart. This Guy Has Done Some Of My Tattoos And Inconsistent Is An Understatement

Image credits: Natasha Tuscano

#49 I Hope They Aren’t In This Group But I Genuinely Thought This Was Posted In This Group. This Person Posted Asking Why Their Tattoo Has Faded So Much And Everyone Was Just Telling Them That Color Tattoos Fade A Lot

Image credits: Benji J. Love

#50 Found This In The Wild. They Were Proud Of These

Image credits: Group member

#51 Cor Blimey, Best Work Ever!

Image credits: Group member

#52 Yikes

Image credits: Group member

#53 We Caught Ourselves One

Image credits: Group member

#54 Finally, I Have Something Worth Sharing. Found In The, “Wild” Aka Fb Dating. I Can’t Even Figure Out What’s Going On Here

Image credits: Kasaundra Varraso

#55 The Worst Part Is That I Trusted The Process

Image credits: Kenziee Christina

#56 Seen On Instagram

Image credits: Group member

#57 It’s The Middle Of Batman That Really Does It For Me

Image credits: Group member

#58 Ooooof

Image credits: Bradley Chase

#59 I Present To You.. My Boyfriends Pickle

Image credits: Elizabeth Nastoff

#60 Local Shop Near Me

Image credits: Group member

#61 Ah.…

Image credits: Amber Dawn Porter

#62 Found In Atla Fan Group

Image credits: Group member

#63 You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me…

Image credits: Kathryn Elquist

#64 Choices

Image credits: Group member

#65 No Way The Peaky Blinders Ordered This Monstrosity

Image credits: Janey Dicker

#66 Since I Know You Guys Love Medusa’s

Image credits: Ruby Sun

#67 Yikes

Image credits: Group member

#68 Omg I Had To Pry Myself Away From This Account Lmao Content For Days

Image credits: Carla Horner

#69 Are They….. Bears?

Image credits: Skye Lee Barakat

#70 This Is My Friends First Tattoo. ( Supposed To Be A Sour Patch Kid) And Yes It Was Done Professionally,the Guy Tried To Charge Him $100

Image credits: Brooklynn Elder

#71 I Have No Words… But He Likes It Haha

Image credits: Chelsea Knight

#72 She Loves It

Image credits: Group member

#73 My Friends Tattoo Lol

Image credits: Charlotte Murphy

#74 A Mates Tattoo Of Patrick Hitting A Billy. Whatchu Think. Was His First Ever Tattoo

Image credits: Lucas Montgomery

#75 I’m Sorry But What

Image credits: Group member

#76 Found In Another Group I’m In

Image credits: Austin Skaggs

#77 Found This Person’s Instagram… If This Is Your’s, Please Stop, Get An Apprenticeship And Proper Training

Image credits: Group member

#78 Still Trying To Make Sense Of This One

Image credits: Group member

#79 From A Local Tattoo Shop. What’s Happening With The Mouth??

Image credits: Bethany Overton

#80 From My Disney Tattoo Group- I Think It Says Something In The Blood- Still Trying To Figure It Out…

Image credits: Shannon Sully

#81 Lucy And ???

Image credits: Teresa Depa Wilson

#82 Found In The Wild, Seen This On Someone’s Page, Look At The Fingers And Nose

Image credits: Group member

#83 Saw This In Another Group, Fingers Crossed They Don’t See This! …. Looks Like A Centipede

Image credits: Group member

#84 A Tribute Piece Too; Where Do I Start. The Balloon That Looks Like A Placenta Lol

Image credits: Karianne Spagnuolo

#85 Shared By My Local Tattooshop

Image credits: Sabrina Harringer

#86 From The Same Guy That Did My First Tattoo

Image credits: Ashley Shaddix

#87 Bro Did You Not Show Him A Picture Of Your Chinchilla For This Tattoo? The Feet The Eyes Are So Threatening Bro I’m Sorry This Is A Nightmare To Me

Image credits: Group member


Image credits: Group member

#89 A Girl I Know Just Got This For Her Dad, He Commented “Dad Loves U Girl, I Appreciate It.” It’s The Hands For Me

Image credits: Katie Huey

#90 Someone Who Just Opened A Shop

Image credits: Izzy Primm-Janson

#91 I Feel Bad For This Girl. She Wanted To Have Her Kidney Disease Tattooed For Awareness

Image credits: Nanna Fajstrup Nielsen

#92 Somehow Made A Kia Soul Look Worse Than It Already Does

Image credits: Jase Phelps

#93 It’s Supposed To Be A Tattoo Of Her Daughter

Image credits: Brian Aguilar

#94 I Get The Concept. Idk What They Were Tryin With This Execution

Image credits: Elien Berwouts

#95 Are They Supposed To Look Like That?

Image credits: Michaela Craddock

#96 They Just Got This Done

Image credits: Ashley Shaddix

#97 In My Singles Group

Image credits: Natasha Wells

#98 Dad-Bod Spider-Man Does Whatever A Dad-Bod Spider-Man Do!

Image credits: Aeco Sketch Chambers

#99 This Is Not A Blurry Photo

Image credits: Group member

#100 Found In The Actual Wild

Image credits: Jane Curtis

#101 She Is A Tattoo Artist Now (Dental Hygienist Before) And This Is What She Recently Tattood On Her New Husband. I Say She Made A Good Career Change

Image credits: Jessa McCabe

#102 Looks Pretty Messy To Me

Image credits: Jorge Venegas

#103 My Dude Is Actually Stoked On How This Pierogi Tattoo Turned Out. My Dude Should Not Be

Image credits: Group member

#104 I Thought This Was A Post From This Group But Turns Out It’s Actually My Cousin’s Newest Tattoo

Image credits: Saida Doyle

#105 My Coworker And Her Daughter Got Matching Tattoos

Image credits: Abigail Rhodes

#106 I Love When People Flex Their New Sh*tty Tattoos On Snapchat

Image credits: Carolyn Stevenson

#107 A Friend Of Mine Shared Her “First Tattoo, What Do You Think?” I Think It Needs To Be Scraped Out, Girl. Yikes

Image credits: Nick-y Marissa


Image credits: Libby Sullivan

#109 They Did Her Dirty With That Bee

Image credits: Mary Myers

#110 Saw This On Someones Portfolio…

Image credits: Group member

#111 Came Across This Fabulous Piece On My Tl

Image credits: Alayna Richelle

#112 That Is… Tragic

Image credits: Emily Schnoop

#113 My Underage Son Just Revealed To Me That This Isn’t Just A Drawing He Made On His Leg. Actual First Tattoo

Image credits: Group member

#114 They Love It

Image credits: Dorothy Duval

#115 I Fu**ing Can’t Even

Image credits: Ryan Penn

#116 I Finally Have One. Dude Seems Proud. It Is Set As His Profile Picture. I Have No Idea Who He Is But He Showed Up In “People You May Know”

Image credits: Kayla An Matthew Grier

#117 Posting As Anonymous Cause Idk If She’s In This Group

Image credits: Group member

#118 Freshly Done And Can Say Those Lines Are A Bit Off

Image credits: Group member

#119 Found On My Feed “Just Breathe”

Image credits: Group member

#120 Self Explanatory

Image credits: Amber Myers

#121 Joined This Group Just To Post This. She Got This Years Ago In Someone’s Kitchen And Has Bragged About It Ever Since. Looks Even Worse Now

Image credits: Group member

#122 As A Snake-Lover, No. Love The Red, But Nothing Else

Image credits: Isabella Hawley

#123 A Kid I Went To High School With Just Got This Done Today…

Image credits: Gwen Uhl


Image credits: Group member

#125 Oh Dear

Image credits: Shelly Andrea Williams

#126 Suspicious Tiger Is Suspicious. But Luckily: All End Are New Beginnings

Image credits: Fanny Lisette

#127 What The Hell Is That Next To The Girl’s Head?

Image credits: Group member

#128 From A Local Artist With 30 Years Experience

Image credits: Group member

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