‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming’: 140 People Oblivious To How Bad Their Tattoos Look (New Pics)

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, sure, but some aesthetic decisions don’t deserve much mercy. The simple fact is that not all tattoos are inked equally well. Nor are all design ideas artistic marvels. Some of them are so cringy that their only benefit is to serve as a warning to others.
That’s where the ‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming’ Facebook group comes in. Members of this community share examples of some of the most outrageous and awful tattoos ever. We’ve collected some of the worst recent pics to show you that not only does your idea have to be good, but you also need a stylist who knows their craft well. Scroll down to check ‘em out.

#1 Found On Instagram

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Image credits: anonymous

#2 Uhh, Thanks Fb But No Thanks. I Will Not Be Adding Friend

Image credits: anonymous

#3 Egyptian Pink Panther

Image credits: Laura Cattani

When it comes to tattoo artists, reputation is pretty much everything. If you plan on getting inked, there’s nothing like the recommendation of a trusted friend. It’s worth it in the long run if you do some research about the artist before sitting down in their chair.

In this day and age, it’s rare for an artist not to have a social media page (or several) for their art or shop. So, it’s very easy to get a quick understanding of what their style and range is like. Meanwhile, their business likely also has reviews on Google and social media. You can read some people’s comments to get a feel for their (lack of) professionalism.

#4 Last Time I Posted Something By This “Artist”, A Few Folks Were Saying “It’s Actually A Style” But Like Can Someone Explain This To Me Then

Image credits: anonymous

#5 Now These Are Some Tats To Be Proud Of

Image credits: Mark McCall

#6 Everytime I See Her Tattoos I Cringe

Image credits: anonymous

If you’re still on the fence, you can always get in touch with the artist via social media, phone, or pop into their salon to have a quick chat face-to-face. They can answer your questions while you get a feel for them as a person. It’s really important that you trust your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to pick that particular artist. It’s okay to ‘shop around.’

Tattoos might not be forever with the advent of laser removal, but it’s still your time, money, and health at stake!

#7 I Was Looking At Reviews On Dresses And Came Across This Gem

Image credits: Emily Brooks Polson

#8 Um… At Least It’s Not A Case!

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Image credits: anonymous

#9 Found This On Instagram They Did Get A Coverup Thank God.

Image credits: Aishya Pirches

According to Inked magazine, professional artists take the proper health and safety precautions. They take sanitation seriously. They wear gloves. They clean their machines. They keep a neat workstation. And they have an up-to-date certification for bloodborne pathogens.

Proper artists will also have good linework, can pack color into the skin well, and come up with their personal designs instead of just copying other people’s work.

#10 Oh Medusa, You’ve Done It Again

Image credits: anonymous

#11 Saw This In The Wild And Just Knew I Had To Share It

Image credits: anonymous

#12 A Guy Is Advertising His Work… Yikes!

Image credits: anonymous

We could talk about the subjectivity and personal nuances of taste until the cows come home.

After all, folks have very different aesthetic preferences. One person might prefer clean lines and clear concepts. Meanwhile, someone else might love abstract concepts and chaotic, raw, intuitive art.

However, you’ll find very few people who are fans of kitschy and poorly inked designs.

#13 Oof.. Got A Tattoo From This Chick And The Ink Literally Fell Out

Image credits: anonymous

#14 Sheeesh

Image credits: Cort Campbell

#15 Not Sure About This At All

Image credits: anonymous

At a certain low-quality threshold, bad art is simply… bad art—indefensible. Tattoos that are based on bad ideas and are executed without skill don’t deserve to be lauded.

They’re examples of what to avoid, both as the person getting the ink as well as the artist.

#16 Sawtism

Image credits: anonymous

#17 Found In The Wild

Image credits: Sabryna McLean

#18 Found On Marketplace

Image credits: Ali Mae

The ‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming’ private group, dedicated to making fun of ‘actually bad tattoos,’ is extremely well-known on Facebook. At the time of writing, it boasts nearly 390k members from all over the world.

However, the group doesn’t just focus on shaming other people’s ink. Members can poke fun at their own tats on Sundays, but this can’t be done anonymously. Meanwhile, on Wednesdays, the administrator team running the group lets everyone share good tattoos. There’s a different theme each week.

#19 Well…

Image credits: anonymous

#20 Found In Person. It Was Worse Up Close.

Image credits: Katie Grace R

#21 Lemme Guess…he Likes Chanel?

Image credits: Bee Bayer

Meanwhile, on the 1st day of every month, the team running the Facebook group allows everyone to share any tattoos they want, no matter the quality of the art. That being said, the photos still have to adhere to the social network’s standards. Meanwhile, the pics also have to be original: you can’t repost what’s already been shared on the group. However, the tattoos can’t be those belonging to the poster, and they cannot be their designs.

On the 13th of every month, the moderators and administrators share a topic and ask everyone to share pics related to it. It’s similar to what they do on Wednesdays. However, on the 13th, artists can share their own work, as well as their shop names and locations.

#22 A Profile Picture On A Dating App

Image credits: Jasmin Pabst

#23 Dear God

Image credits: Liz Sealion

#24 That Looks Like Faded Sharpie

Image credits: Alissa Wigglesworth

According to the group, you should be prepared for criticism if you end up sharing your own work. At the same time, everyone’s expected to be at least minimally polite. “People can tell you your art sucks. While debate is expected, rude exchanges are not tolerated.”

Some themes and topics are outright banned on ‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming.’ For example, you shouldn’t be posting anything related to Harry Potter, autism, the police, or Twilight. Meanwhile, you should not post any hate speech, nudity, or anything related to potential self-harm scars.

#25 Wtf Is This Supposed To Be? All I See Is A Distorted 4 And Of Course The Rocket Penis

Image credits: anonymous

#26 Everything About It

Image credits: anonymous

#27 Found In The Comment Section Of A Post In A Mom Group

Image credits: Alexis Marie DuFour

There’s still a lot of freedom when it comes to posting, though. The mods and admins outright state that they don’t care where people’s pictures come from. They also won’t remove any pics, even if they belong to the person who has the tattoo.

“We will protect your identity by requiring identifying information to be absent, but if you identify yourself as the canvas that is your choice. You can ask the OP to remove the post, but we will not require them to, and you will be banned should you choose to harass them or other members,” they explain.

The point of the group is to discuss the quality of tattoo application and art design, not tease the people who got them or inked them. That’s why there’s zero tolerance for harassment or leaking someone’s face, identifying details, shop name, or social media handles. All of this info has to be censored. Meanwhile, the tattoos themselves have to be ‘bad enough’ to be shared.

#28 Found On Tiktok

Image credits: Ali Mae

#29 This Masterpiece Was Posted By The Senior Tattoo Artist In Our Local Shop

Image credits: anonymous

#30 Done By A Local Shop

Image credits: Amy Bellman

Which of the tattoos featured in this list made you cringe the most? What’s the very worst tattoo you’ve seen in person, dear Pandas? Have you ever gotten ink that you’ve genuinely regretted later on? What do you think everyone could do to boost their artistic taste?

If you’re feeling up to it, swing by the comments section to share your thoughts.

#31 They Massacred My Boy $crim

Image credits: anonymous

#32 In The Wild !

Image credits: Molly Savage

#33 Let’s Play The What Words Are Missing Game

Image credits: Lillian Bish

#34 Not Sorry. Posted By A Relatively Local Tattoo Shop. I’d Be Big Mad About That Arm And Really Just All Of It

Image credits: Beth Fedje

#35 I Think It’s A Dolphin

Image credits: Josh Fernandes

#36 The Longer You Look At It, The Worse It Gets…

Image credits: Acira Lemmons

#37 Where’s The Magic?

Image credits: MariaAna Yeoman

#38 I Have No Words

Image credits: Joey Conley

#39 ? So Nail Moi Wrists And Black Moi Eyesss? This Particular Jesus Swears It’s Not A Phase Mom

Image credits: anonymous

#40 He Got That Dog In Him

Image credits: anonymous

#41 Found On Insta, Those Toes Give Me Nightmares!

Image credits: Sasha Denisova

#42 Found In A Group I’m In. Yikes

Image credits: anonymous

#43 Any Words?

Image credits: anonymous

#44 Why Does The One On The Bottom Look Like He Just Told A Bad Joke And Is Waiting For A Reaction

Image credits: Kyle Scott Blanton


Image credits: Natasha Kelly

#46 Ba Da Ba Da Ba I’m Hating It

Image credits: Danielle Hartshorn

#47 I Like The Previous Wreck More Tbh

Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Danaka Shannon


Image credits: Laura Barlow

#50 Got A Tattoo From This Chick And The Ink Literally Fell Out

Image credits: anonymous

#51 I Feel Kinda Bad Outing This Person Because They Love Their Work, But I Saw This In Another Group

Image credits: anonymous

#52 From Another Group I’m In. Very… Interesting

Image credits: anonymous

#53 Oooooof

Image credits: Elizabeth Goodrich


Image credits: Ashley Anne

#55 Just Came Up On My Newsfeed. Please Do Research On Artists. This Is Horrible. It’s A Mess. Nothing Looks Good. (Rip To Your Family Member) But This Is A Wreck

Image credits: anonymous

#56 Guy I Went To Highschool With Decided To Buy A Tattoo Gun And Is Very Proud Of This “Coverup”

Image credits: Sydney Spann

#57 I Haven’t Seen This Shared Yet

Image credits: Rachael Rose

#58 From Another Facebook Group I’m In

Image credits: Alexus Atkinson

#59 Umm… Yikes. I Don’t Have Much Other Words To Say

Image credits: anonymous

#60 Someone Must Have Told A Good Joke, They’re Lauging It Up

Image credits: MariaAna Yeoman

#61 Seen On A Friends Post. Had To Show It On Here

Image credits: Kaia Makinzi Bailey


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous

#65 Found This On My Feed. The Hands Just Look Super Wonky To Me

Image credits: anonymous

#66 The “V” Bugs Me

Image credits: anonymous

#67 In A Mom Group I’m In. One Kid’s Hand Is Missing A Finger And The Mom’s Hand Is So Strange Where It Transitions From Thumb To Fingers

Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Kimberly Marie


Image credits: Erin Canze

#70 Def Haven’t Seen This Here Yet

Image credits: anonymous

#71 Found In The Wild

Image credits: Atarah Breakie

#72 One Is A Picture He Took The Other Someone Else Took That’s Why It’s Flipped

Image credits: anonymous

#73 Saw This One On A Dating App

Image credits: Jasmin Pabst

#74 At A Local Tattoo Shop.. In The Review They Said They Were Charged $1200!

Image credits: Jazmyn Ava

#75 A Tragedy

Image credits: MariaAna Yeoman


Image credits: anonymous

#77 A Different Kind Of Horror LED To The Discovery Of This Gem

Image credits: Dawn Zukowski Stout

#78 Nobody In The Comments Lied Through Their Teeth At Least

Image credits: Chantelle Rose

#79 Ouch. Lmfao This Is A Good One

Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Alisha Bosley


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Ali Mae


Image credits: anonymous

#86 Does The Big Fist Have 6 Fingers ?!

Image credits: anonymous

#87 My Other Fallout Tattoo

Image credits: Tristin Noble


Image credits: Bentína Matthildur Long


Image credits: Meghan Fanjoy


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous

#92 Someone Posted This On Their Snap Story And What The F**k

Image credits: Brody Taylor Lee

#93 This Was Done By One Of My Old Coworkers, I’ve Honestly Been Waiting To Post This. And Yes. It Was Done At A Studio

Image credits: anonymous

#94 I Have Absolutely No Words For This, Yet So Many Questions

Image credits: anonymous

#95 This Is How I Used To Draw Wings When I Was 5

Image credits: anonymous

#96 Someone I Know Who Is Dating A “Tattoo Artist” Had This Done The Other Day

Image credits: anonymous

#97 Why Does Her Hand Look Like That?

Image credits: anonymous

#98 Another Person From My Friend Group

Image credits: Alexis Starrett


Image credits: Jamie Gresham

#100 Someone Posted This In Another Group I’m In

Image credits: anonymous

#101 From My Crochet Group

Image credits: anonymous

#102 Found In The Wild In A Diablo Group I’m In

Image credits: John Noga

#103 A Portrait Of What’s Supposed To Be Dimebag Darrell Done By A Local Chop Shop

Image credits: anonymous

#104 Oof

Image credits: anonymous

#105 Hurt Me To My Very Core

Image credits: Zach Allport

#106 Hurt Me To My Very Core

Image credits: Zach Allport

#107 Oof.. Got A Tattoo From This Chick And The Ink Literally Fell Out

Image credits: anonymous

#108 When You’re Trying To Do Muscles But End Up With A Sack Of Potatoes For A Leg. Original Art Inspo: Hendrik Goltzius’ Fall Of Icarus

Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Istrate-Volpe Vali-Valeria


Image credits: Rachel Silvernail


Image credits: Sandra Svensson


Image credits: Kimberly Marie


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Lindy Myllykangas


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous

#120 Bro What Are The Fingers. Local Artist In My Area

Image credits: anonymous

#121 Seen In A Melanie Martinez Group For Her New Portals Album And I Just Don’t Know What To Say

Image credits: anonymous

#122 Found In The Wild On Tiktok… They’re Both Going To Regret That One Day.

Image credits: Lacey Blanchard

#123 Saw This On Tiktok Its Supposed To Say “Kayla”? Im Not Seeing That Lol

Image credits: Jayne Zeller

#124 The Lines Are So Shaky And I Have No Idea What It’s Supposed To Be

Image credits: Shelby Moran

#125 I Was Gonna Drop In For A Walk In Appointment So I Had A Browse Through Their Facebook.. Think I’ll Try Somewhere Else Lol

Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Eastin Rhayne


Image credits: anonymous

#128 A Little “Yikes” Showed Up In My Newsfeed. Not Sure Who The “Lucky” Recipient Of This Tattoo Was

Image credits: anonymous

#129 From A Local Shop, Supposed To Be Captain America

Image credits: anonymous

#130 In A Local Horror Group I Don’t Know Which Is Worse

Image credits: Jacoby Lones


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: Kimberly Marie


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous


Image credits: anonymous

#137 Shiver Me Timbers!

Image credits: Ryan Lonewolf Tauzin


Image credits: Rosie Farrow


Image credits: Sara Elizabeth Lisonbee


Image credits: anonymous

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