“That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming”: 69 Times People Just Had To Shame These Weddings Online (New Posts)

Weddings are supposed to be magical and full of love. But it can be difficult to focus on celebrating your best friends when they’ve demanded that you cut your hair, pay $500 for a dress you’ll never wear again and stay absolutely silent during the reception. 

It’s wedding season, pandas! So in honor of all of these joyous occasions, we’ve taken a trip to the Wedding Shaming subreddit to hear about some nuptial nightmares. Enjoy reading through these posts that might make you scared to ever attend a wedding again, and be sure to upvote the behavior that you find most egregious!

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#1 Pregnant Sister Obviously Got Pregnant On Purpose To Ruin The Wedding

Image credits: takethesky87

#2 Just When You Think The Bridezilla Requests Can’t Get Any More Ridiculous

Image credits: secret_side_quest

#3 Greedy Ass Rude Bride. I’d Be Cancelling That Cheque Too

Image credits: Comfortable-Iron6482

We’re all familiar with the idea of a bridezilla or an entitled groom, but as it turns out, anyone at a wedding is capable of exhibiting terrible behavior. Guests may wear white gowns, groomsmen may make tasteless jokes, and wedding planners might send out lists of unreasonable requests to everyone attending. We’re all supposed to be on our best behavior at a wedding, but the Wedding Shaming subreddit makes it very clear that many people have a lot to learn about etiquette.

This subreddit, which is “a place to shame wedding themes, brides, grooms, wedding party, in-laws, outlaws, guests, Uncle Bob, vendors” and more, has amassed an impressive 535k members since its inception in 2018. Common topics in the group include bride/groomzillas, “dressed like a bride,” monster-in-law, family drama, horrible vendors, tacky, greedy, rude guests, drunk as hell, foul friends, step-monster, terribly groomed and cringe. And as you’ll soon find out, there are plenty of those waiting for you down below! 

#4 I Literally Can’t Wrap My Head Around This Being Legit. Absolutely Bananas!

Image credits: cooljesus69

#5 No, No That’s Not The Bride

Image credits: EhmanFont

#6 Had To Tell Mom She Can’t Wear This To My Wedding – Have Gotten Silent Treatment Since…

Image credits: da_boy_max

The photos on this list might make you start to associate weddings with absolute nightmares, rather than the joyous and loving celebrations they are intended to be, but the reality is that weddings often aren’t the picture perfect movie moments that we imagine them to be. Sure, the day might be absolutely wonderful and a great time. But 58% of couples say they were stressed on their special day, and 76% of newlyweds admit that, if they could have their wedding again, there would be things they would do differently. 28% even regret how much they spent on the celebration, which might not be surprising, considering the average wedding costs around $30,000.

It’s important for brides and grooms to understand that their wedding day may not actually be the happiest day of their lives or go perfectly according to plan, but that’s totally fine. In fact, having expectations that are too high might actually come back to bite you, if you feel pressure that the day must be flawless. Don’t have unreasonable expectations, don’t demand too much of your guests, and remember what the day is truly about: celebrating your love.  

#7 From A Wedding Group, Bride Is Mad Because No One Has Sent Gifts Yet

Image credits: Appropriate_Oven_213

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#8 I Have No Words For This… Absolutely Heartless

Image credits: eatblueberrypancakes

#9 Family Wedding In India. The Groom’s Sisters Had Dresses, Makeup, Jewellery And Hair Done Similar To The Bride. The Only Difference Is Bride’s Red Wedding Bangles. That’s A Lot Even For Indian Customs!

Image credits: niketyname

It’s interesting how weddings have turned from sacred celebrations of holy matrimony to events that spark family drama, create bridezillas and destroy friendships. There are so many stories of couples with expectations that are anywhere from unreasonable to outright offensive featured on this list, so we were curious where this behavior comes from. According to Madani, bride/groomzillas are often formed by the immense stress that comes with planning a wedding. There’s typically a lot of pressure put on their big day to be perfect, and with that can come unreasonable expectations. It’s hard to sweat the small stuff when you’re acutely aware of how much money the whole celebration is costing you and the fact that all of your friends and family members will be in attendance.     

#10 Bride Cancels Mua Because Mua Is Not Married And Has Kids. Bride Wants Deposit Back

Image credits: keln061

#11 Bridezilla Is Angry Because Best Man’s Pregnant Wife Is Due Around Bride’s Wedding Day And We All Know That Best Man’s Wife Deliberately Did That

Image credits: Reading-is-awesome

#12 I Feel Like I’m Missing Something That Makes This Cute

Image credits: cmelissa27

Just because planning a wedding is stressful does not mean that brides and grooms can be excused for displaying inappropriate or outright rude behavior. For a previous Bored Panda article discussing breaches of wedding etiquette, we reached out to Los Angeles-based wedding planner Alexa Farese to hear her thoughts on bad behavior at weddings.

“I’ve seen it all, from guests wearing white (not cool!) to guests being so belligerently intoxicated they lock themselves in the bathroom and can’t figure out how to open the door!” Alexa shared. “At one wedding, the groom became so intoxicated that he face-planted into the cake, breaking the dessert table on his way down!”

#13 How Dare My 30yo Bridesmaid Have Some Grey Hair!!

Image credits: willsingforpopcorn

#14 Bride Doesn’t Feel Like Getting Married Any More Because *checks Notes* The Surprise Is Ruined

Image credits: SteveTheGoblinBard

#15 Ah Yes. Someone Potentially Dying At Your Wedding Is A Much Better Idea Than Simply Not Having Seafood For One Day

Image credits: Why-am-i-like-this97

“Early on in my career, I was at a wedding where the bride’s ex showed up with a group of his friends,” Alexa previously told Bored Panda. “They snuck in through the kitchen and started a fight with the bridal party! It was NUTS! Luckily, security put an end to the chaos quickly, but it was wildly inappropriate and took the spotlight off of the couple for the moment. Some of the less extreme and common faux-pas are showing up late, whispering (or outright talking) throughout the ceremony and/or speeches, and over indulging in the bar.”

#16 Moh Too Busy Texting To Watch The Ceremony

Image credits: MelancholyMember

#17 Don’t You Dare Have A Heart Attack At My Wedding!

Image credits: Paindepiceaubeurre

#18 Mob Wants To Wear Old Wedding Dress, Her Ex Husband Will Be There With His New Wife

Image credits: hanyo24

When it comes to what we should all be keeping in mind as far as wedding etiquette goes, Alexa says, “Weddings are meant to be a celebration of love and union – all guests and vendors should remember this! Arrive on time, smile big, be quiet through the ceremony and toasts, pay attention to special dances and moments, dance the night away, and always, always drink responsibly! As long as you show up ready to celebrate your loved ones’ special day and stay committed to that mindset throughout the wedding, then you are doing it right!”

#19 Well This Should Be Fun – Online Wedding Group Drama

Image credits: Indigo-au-naturale

#20 A Bridezilla Story From A Photography Group I’m In

Image credits: empressofhell

#21 Please No Judgement, I Cheated On My Fiancé

Image credits: Illustrious_Text9554

For another previous article, we reached out to the founders of Bespoke Bride, Emily and Jessica, to hear why wedding planning is so challenging in the first place. “Planning a wedding is a complex process that involves lots of research, good and efficient communication and knowledge of project management,” the experts explained. “It involves a great deal of patience, problem-solving, time management, and people skills. Rather than trying to fit into what society deems a ‘wedding should be’ – a good wedding planner needs to focus on the special moments that define who the bride and groom are as a couple.”

#22 This Is Not My Post- Jealous Fiancé

Image credits: Delicious-Midnight11

#23 Bride Is Upset Her Sister’s Life Isn’t Revolving Around Her Wedding

Image credits: anniesun42

#24 Mother Of The Bride. Bride’s Dress Also Had Bejeweled Top And Float Bottom

Image credits: bringmesomeshiraz

“Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, so be prepared and make sure you only take on what you can realistically achieve,” Emily and Jessica previously told Bored Panda. “If you have your heart set on DIY-ing the entire wedding but work full-time – forget about it. There is a good chance you will not have the time or energy to take on so much responsibility.”

It sounds like realistic expectations are a crucial part of throwing a successful wedding that won’t get you shamed on Reddit. So if you plan to tie the knot any time soon, keep this in mind, pandas!

#25 People Will Try To Sell Anything

Image credits: aMellifera58

#26 The ‘Friend’ Thinks There Should Be An Age Limit On Wearing Wedding Dresses And Nanna Should Just Wear ‘A Nice Dress Or Skirt/Pants And A Top’

Image credits: jeslz

#27 I Just Can’t With This, It’s So Bad

Image credits: Appropriate_Oven_213

We hope this list isn’t making you lose faith in love, pandas. If you’re planning on going to a wedding sometime soon, just make sure that the bride and groom don’t have any unreasonable requests, and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time filled with love, delicious food and dancing the night away. Keep upvoting the pics that you find most appalling, and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever been to a wedding that deserves a spot on this list. Then, if you’re interested in checking out even more photos from the Wedding Shaming subreddit, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the group right here!

#28 Only Some Of You Can Eat! Posted On Local Radio Page

Image credits: beckerszzz

#29 Mlm Making It’s Way Around The Wedding Photographer Groups. Photog Was Blocked When She Declined

Image credits: catinnameonly

#30 It Can’t Be Just Me Thinking This Is Tacky

Image credits: KissMySass99

#31 Saw This Post In A Wedding Planning Bookface Group

Image credits: ilikemountaingoats

#32 Screw John Legend, All Of Me Is *our* Song Only ?

Image credits: ifyoureoffendedgtfo

#33 Not My Post: Bridezilla….honey Can You Absolutely Not. A Life Is Worth More Than Your Wedding

Image credits: Delicious-Midnight11

#34 Groom Party Had An Interesting Take On Attire

Image credits: TechLover89

#35 Controlling How Much Guests Can Drink By Making Them Wear An Id Badge…. And It Doubles As Their Favor

Image credits: IndividualCoyote8427

#36 This Stuff Bugs Me So Damned Much!!

Image credits: topskee780

#37 “Being Broke Is Just An Excuse For Her”

Image credits: kaioone

#38 Bridezilla Upset Florist Is Having Surgery 8 Weeks Before Her Very Important Wedding… (The Comment Section Was Not On Her Side And She Left The Group Lol)

Image credits: throwawaybridezillas

#39 My Mum’s ‘Friend’ Had This Dress Especially Made To Wear To My Wedding

Image credits: gumyoji

#40 How Dare A Bridesmaid Have A Surgical Procedure Near Your Wedding Date, The Audacity

Image credits: Spaceinvader-

#41 The Rant, The Comment From Her Moh, Oh My God

Image credits: ecbecb

#42 “Friend” Of The Bride Throws Tantrum Over Not Being Chosen As Moh

Image credits: Paindepiceaubeurre

#43 Bride Asking If This Is Too Much To Ask. ?

Image credits: sleepingfoxx

#44 Another Bride Who Thinks It’s The Parents Responsibility To Pay For A Wedding

Image credits: Appropriate_Oven_213

#45 Not My Post:entitled Fiancé Wants Someone To Pay For Her Nails

Image credits: Delicious-Midnight11

#46 Just When I Thought Bridezillas Were Done. Saw This In Wedding Group

Image credits: Specialist-Quote-522

#47 Bride Upset Friend Of Over 20 Years Is Having Wedding At The Same Venue A Year After Her…

Image credits: throwawaybridezillas

#48 Bride Thinks Returning Wedding Decorations After Using Them Is A Great Way To “Save Money”

Image credits: TheBeautyofSuffering

#49 Inviting Your Own Guests With A Side Of Sl*t Shaming

Image credits: Personal-Advisor4328

#50 Best Combo! A Beautiful Wedding Dress And A Um… Hat

Image credits: your_only_hope

#51 “How Dare They Use The Same Venue As Us”

Image credits: tastymango363

#52 Uhhh Thanks But No Thanks Google! Maybe This Is Why Everyone Wears White To Weddings ?

Image credits: Digital_Disimpaction

#53 I Doubt This Qualifies For High School Volunteer Hours

Image credits: OPossumAttack

#54 I’m Getting Married At A Pagan Bookstore, And This Was My Father’s Response… He Hasn’t Talked To Me Since

Image credits: The_Quex

#55 Almost Kicks Out Entire Bridal Party For Not Responding When She Told Them Only To Respond If They Wouldn’t Adhere To Her Demands…

Image credits: throwawaybridezillas

#56 Old High School Classmate Faked A Negative Test To Get Married Abroad. ? (As A Bonus, This Is The Mentioned Last Pic)

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Spotted In A Wedding Planning Group. I Don’t Know How This Got Normalized

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 Not My Post: Future Bride Has A Different Situation…

Image credits: Delicious-Midnight11

#59 God Forbid, I Don’t Cater My Wedding To You

Image credits: meseekslookatme_01

#60 “Sweet Sweet Bitch” (When Bridesmaids Go Wrong)

Image credits: SwimToTheMoonAndBack

#61 Why Get Married If You Hate Your Spouse

Image credits: internetdramalobster

#62 Yes, That’s The Groom Wearing Crocks And Shorts

Image credits: Sudden_Newspaper_677

#63 The Bride Is Beautiful And Her Dress Was A Stunner. The Bridesmaids Top Notch, And The Groom… Well That’s Southern Maryland For You

Image credits: NinjaThrowAway69

#64 Another Case Of A Groom Being Underdressed For His Own Wedding

Image credits: rjab98

#65 If Entitlement Were A Reddit Post…bride To Be Laments That “Burdensome” Invited Guests Aren’t Paying Enough To Come To Her Wedding. The Op Really Went All In The Comments Of The Post

Image credits: Ok-Affect5124

#66 Why Get Married In The First Place Then

Image credits: breadedbooks

#67 Bride Will Be The Only One Not Wearing Glasses And Isn’t Sure How To ‘Overcome This Issue’… Comments Were Asking If She Was Serious Lol

Image credits: lactoseintolerant111

#68 Caught My First Questionable Guest Dress In The Wild

Image credits: ucantstopdonkelly

#69 So. Many. Rules!! Quickly Posted…and Deleted Lol

Image credits: Various_Ad5979

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