“That’s Not A Me Problem”: Karen Throws Tantrum When A Plane Passenger Won’t Switch Seats

Flying comes with its own set of irritations, one has to go through airports, board a stuffy, loud cylinder then sit for a significant amount of time, while air pressure rises and drops in one’s ears. And that’s before you add in the eternal wildcard, other passengers.

One man had a particularly annoying experience with an entitled mother who had forgotten to get seats next to her son, then demanded that OP move and would not take no for an answer. So the flight staff had to be called over to resolve the dispute. As with so many air travel stories, there is something about the interior of an airplane that really just brings out the absolute worst in people.

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Air travel puts a whole bunch of irritable humans in an enclosed capsule of hours on end

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A man was accosted by a Karen who demanded he switches seats with her

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Air travel can bring out the worst in us

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Some sympathy should always be given when traveling, it’s rarely comfortable or fun for any parties involved and that’s just as true when traveling with kids. In OP’s story, the child is old enough to, probably, not cry all through the flight or cause a commotion, but it’s still another burden for parents to think about. Once you add in all the other issues one encounters when flying, it’s hard not to be cranky. Air travel often involves getting to an airport, often enough at an absolutely unholy hour, checking in baggage, going through security, and finding gates, all while surrounded by equally irritable groups of people. And this is if everything goes right, with no delays, cancellations, traffic, or who knows what else. Issues arise all the time and let’s face it, some airports seem to be modeled on a maze.

And this is before one has even gotten on the plane. Air travelers know that flying means sitting in somewhat uncomfortable seats, with just not enough legroom for hours. The air is dry and stale, too cold or too warm, you can never escape the constant noises of the engines, announcements, people talking, snoring, crying, and movement around the cabin. If this makes you feel uncomfortable just reading it, then know that researchers actually have measured the negative effects these factors have on a person’s psychology. It makes people irritable, on edge, stressed, and tired. And this is if everything goes relatively smoothly, no screaming children, no loud and obnoxious passengers, and, god forbid, no mechanical issues with the airplane.

Cases of unruly passengers have grown in recent years

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Being an adult means sometimes suppressing your inclination to yell and fight other people, but unfortunately, air travel is a good measure of just how immature people can be. Interestingly, cases of “air rage” have actually risen in the last few years, with now more well-known cases, like one where an unruly passenger was dragged off a plane with enough force to necessitate dental reconstruction work. Other examples include a mass passenger brawl that erupted over a disagreement before the group had even boarded. Scientists believe that the confinement of traveling is enough to stimulate unruly passengers into aggressive behavior. One can always pull over when driving or walking around a cruise ship, but airplanes generally keep you in your seat. One interesting study even showed that just the act of walking through first class as a non-first-class passenger already creates feelings of anger.

The “Karen” in OP’s story, to her credit, did not succumb to the sort of air rage detailed above. She was out of line, entitled and absolutely could have taken a few more classes for “niceness,” but she didn’t strike anyone and security didn’t have to deplane her. It’s a sad state of affairs, where this sort of behavior shows almost “commendable” restraint compared to the downright violent actions of other passengers. Readers also raised a particularly important question, namely, why did she book tickets so poorly and why would she not ask anyone else to switch? These are not questions we will get answered, but the flight crew ultimately did the right thing and put her in her place.

OP answered some additional reader questions

Others were incredulous about the mother’s entitlement

People shared similar stories of rude and entitled passengers

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