That’s Not The Way To Use A Potty!

Kids are truly difficult beings to supervise. Take your eyes off of them for a moment, and the next thing you know, they are already in trouble. This was what happened to the family of Abbie Paull. When Paull left her son Reuben unsupervised for a few seconds, she was shocked when she found Reuben with his training toilet stuck around his neck.

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In the footage filmed by Abbie, she asks her son how it happened, but unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to respond with anything but giggles.

In the footage, Reuben’s father can be heard asking if the seat is clean, to which the mom thankfully responds yes.

Apparently unable to simply remove the seat, the dad grabbed a saw and started cutting (with the blade pointed away from Reuben’s face). While Reuben had some trouble looking up and away from the saw, his father was able to cut the seat apart and free Reuben without any injury.


(Image Credit: SWNS/ Fox News)

Source: neatorama

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