The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Posters

The Tokyo Olympic Committee has unveiled a series of posters to promote the 2020 Olympic games, which will be held July 24 through August 9, and the Paralympic games, August 25 through September 6. The theme comes off as “variety.” Some posters actually feature athletes, others the city of Tokyo, but most are abstract. There are quite a few that channel manga, which is only appropriate in modern Japanese art.  

The call for official posters is part of an over century-long tradition. An artist selection committee of nine, ranging from museum professionals and journalists to practicing designers, chose a total of 20 fine artists, manga artists, graphic designers, calligraphers, and photographers from across Japan and beyond to bring their unique perspective to the Games. The inspired results are as diverse as the artists who created them.

See a gallery of the posters at Fast Company.

Source: neatorama

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