The 2020 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award Winners

The Natural History Museum in London has announced their Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners for 2020. The overall winner in the adult photographer category is Sergey Gorshkov for the above picture of an Amur tiger in a Siberian forest. He worked ten months to get this photo!

These solitary cats exchange vital information, such as the need for mates, by leaving scent, hairs, urine and other markers on prominent spots, including tree trunks. In the far east of Russia, a population of around 500 Amur tigers persists, occupying a fragment of its former land. Under threat from habitat loss and poaching, these tigers are close to extinction.

The Young Grand Title winner is Liina Heikkinen, who captured this image of a young fox with a piece of a barnacle goose for dinner on one of Helsinki’s islands.  

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See more winning images from the various categories (although they are not labeled) at Mashable. Be warned that some involve prey, and a couple show animals in captivity.

Source: neatorama

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