The 2022 Core77 Design Awards Sustainability Prize Winners

The 2022 Core77 Design Awards Sustainability Prize, sponsored this year by Sappi, honors one outstanding project demonstrating the most innovative, exciting, and impactful solution pointing to a brighter, restorative era of design.

This year’s Core77 Design Awards Sustainability Prize team was led by Baillie Mishler and Lauryn Menard, co-founders of PROWL. Joining Menard and Mishler on the panel was Shujan Bertrand, Founder & CEO of Aplat, Dan Kennedy, Engineer and Manager, and Monica Martinez, Founder of Don Bugito.

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Professional Winner: The L34 Light

This year’s Professional Winner of the Sustainability Prize is The L34 Light by Rab Lighting, a lighting solution with 79% smaller shipped volume than the typical high-bay light, for reduced transportation impacts and up to 30% post-industrial recycled plastic from their own injection molding process.

The jury team said about the project:

“We chose this light as our winner because it checked the boxes of nearly all of our judging criteria. Contract lighting solutions are products that we overlook all too often, even though we know they could use a lot of improvement. The L34 light amazed us with its incredibly low carbon footprint that has a far more compact volume than the typical high-bay light and the ways in which it is designed to do MORE with LESS.We think this light has the potential to become the new standard in contract lighting!”

Student Winner: Project ArcStar

This year’s Student Winner of the Sustainability Prize is Project ArcStar, by Niklas Andreasen for FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences.

The jury was moved by this project, noting,

“Although this project is extremely ambitious, it’s also one of the most exciting of the entries with the most potential for positive impact. The melting of the arctic glaciers and ice have snowballing effects that will impact the lives of all species on Earth to an extent we cannot yet fathom. Working to fix this problem by employing smart and responsible materials at a large scale with massive positive effect is precisely why we chose it as our winner.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s honorees! You can view the honorees in all categories on the Core77 Design Awards website.

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