The 2022 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team

As they do every year, Game On! Minnesota waits until the end of the high school hockey season to announce the best head of hair on the players of Minnesota. These young athletes spend all year selecting their style, growing their locks, and getting their one second on TV just right, hoping to make the Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team. That moment has arrived, and the competition this year is referred to as “Flowchella.” The title of this video ended with “presented by Duke Cannon,” and I thought we were going to find out the name of the guy who does this every year. But no, that’s just the sponsor. Anyway, if you’re new to this, you don’t have to know anything about hockey at all to enjoy this championship. And you’ll learn a few things about Minnesota. -via Metafilter

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See the all-hockey hair teams from previous years.

Source: neatorama

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