The 2022 Mister Global Pageant National Costumes

We are used to the spectacle of women’s bodies being objectified in beauty pageants, but they are held for men, too. The Mister Global pageant is held annually in Thailand, and after a two-year pandemic hiatus, the 2022 Mister Global pageant was held yesterday. The most interesting part of the competition is the parade of national costumes, which are supposed to represent a contestant’s home country while making him look as good as possible. The contestant from Vietnam is shown at the top; and Spain is below.

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And then there’s the USA.   

The new Mister Global is Miguel Ángel Lucas Carrasco from Spain. See all the national costumes in a gallery at Buzzfeed. Or you can watch the parade from the pageant in this video. -via Metafilter

(All photos credit: David Ryo via Mister Global at Facebook)

Source: neatorama

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