The 25 Funniest Reactions To Major League Baseball’s New See-Through Pants

The United States’ Major League Baseball has just got new pants, and let’s just say they leave little to the imagination. The Nike-generated, Fanatics-produced uniforms were introduced at last year’s All-Star Game and rock an eggshell color that’s creating some serious see-through situations, according to ESPN.

Many players admitted to liking the lighter feel of the pants but having issues with the look.

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MLBPA Executive Director Tony Clark has even said that the lower part of the uniform is a “universal concern” among players, who are pushing for another less-revealing look.

Naturally, the pants’ see-through material didn’t go unnoticed online, with hundreds of people comparing them to their toilet paper at home and tissue paper.

Below, Bored Panda takes a look at the funniest reactions to the transparent uniforms.

#1 How Fanatics Pitched The Idea

Image credits: @DJLeMVP

#2 Any Similarities With Zendaya’s Robot Look Are Purely Coincidental

#3 Tina Belcher From Bob’s Burgers Knew Exactly What She Was Doing

Image credits: @laurengrimaldi_

#4 A Marketing Genius

#5 Back When Uniforms Didn’t Show Skin

#6 Spicing Up Sports

#7 As Thin As You Can Get

#8 The Future Of Home Run Trots

#9 A Different Baseball Experience

Image credits: @thehamlawman

#10 Feelin’ Myself

#11 Interesting

#12 The Mastermind Behind The Design Is Revealed

#13 Bold Underwear Detected

Image credits: @edmonton_eulers

#14 It Looks Like The New Pants Can Already Be Purchased On Amazon

Image credits: @ebsoftball

#15 Male Camel Toe

#16 Taylor Swift Truly Does Have A Song For Every Situation

Image credits: @catherinetinker

#17 How Players Will Stand From Now On

Image credits: @BrewCrewScoop

#18 (Un)intended Consequences

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Image credits: @StewStilez

#19 Feeling Like That Ryan Gosling Scene From The Notebook

Image credits: @angelsteve89

#20 What’s It Made From?

#21 When You See It

#22 This Wasn’t Included In The Players’ Contract

#23 Flanders Did It First

#24 Maybe They Got Scammed By Shein?

Image credits: @bruja_aj

#25 My Eyes!


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