The 5 Best Booths at Salón Acme: Global and Local Politics, and a Scrappy Senisibility

Since its inception in 2013, Salón Acme has been the cooler, more local sister to the mega-fair Zona Maco. Hosted in a beautifully preserved building in the Centro district of Mexico City, the galleries are set up in rooms of their own with which they can stage presentations that play off the colorful chipped-cement walls—a far cry from Zona Maco’s white cubes. Further, Salón Acme isn’t divided into traditional sections but rather into categories of its exhibitors’ own making. Each of the categories aims to uplift new artists.

There’s a section for artists who submitted there work by open call, as well as one for artists who’ve shown at Salón Acme before, titled “La Bodega de Acme.” “Guest State” focuses on a different state in Mexico each year, with a show curated by individuals or teams who know the state well. The bulk of the show is made up of galleries who have been invited to show at the fair.

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This unique configuration makes for a well-balanced fair full of discovery and delight. Of course, Salón Acme isn’t free of the more bougie elements one has come to expect from a fair—there’s a lush ground floor restaurant and a rooftop bar. Still, this fair has a youthful spirit that can’t be found at Zona Maco.

Below, a look at five of the best presentations at Salón Acme, which runs through this Sunday.


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