The 50 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows of All Time

Here’s a list that will really make you want to argue! MSN went to IMDb and found ratings for science fiction TV series, the ranked the top 50. The results may seem a little strange. For one thing, it skews very much toward recent shows, which can be explained by IMDb itself, which wasn’t around 50 years ago, and anything internet-based is skewed toward younger users. For another thing, you have to wonder how they defined “sci-fi series,” since it includes fantasy, comedy, animation, and superhero series, and especially animated superhero series. There is only one live-action series based on comic book superheroes in the top 50. The highest any Star Trek series placed is #19. And The Twilight Zone, which is mentioned in the introduction, didn’t make the list. What were they thinking? Oh yeah, they were thinking that people would check out the list and argue about its contents. See where your favorites lie in this ranking. -via Fark

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Sure, that leads us to a whole ‘nother question: How exactly does one define science fiction?

Source: neatorama

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