The 6 Human Chronotypes

You might have heard of the morning person (also called the morning lark or early bird) and the night owl, but have you heard of the highly active type, daytime sleepy type, daytime active type, and the moderately active type? This is my first time hearing of other chronotypes, too. That’s right. This recent research suggests that there are six human chronotypes, not just two.

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In terms of alertness and energy levels, morning types have high alertness in the morning, which proceeds to dip to medium levels in the middle of the day, then drops to low levels in the evening.

By contrast, evening types exhibit low alertness in the morning, which rises to medium levels in the middle of the day, then rises to high levels at night.

The four new chronotypes display different patterns: highly active types show high alertness throughout the day; daytime sleepy types start off high in the morning, dip low in the middle of the day, then rise to a medium finish; daytime active types start low, peak at high in middle, then finish the day on middle level alertness; while moderately active types experience low energy levels all day long.

Learn more about the research over at ScienceAlert.

Which type of person are you?

(Image Credit: RUDN University/ ScienceAlert)

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