The Accidental Carbonated Geyser

Well, whaddaya know, Tom Scott is in the United States, which means a lot more videos to come that will feature some Neatoramanaut’s home town. He sends us a report of a strange geyser in Soda Springs, Idaho. It’s not a natural geyser, but an accidental side effect of drilling a well to supply a city pool. And it shoots seltzer water into the air! I guess you’ve have to expect that kind of thing in a town named Soda Springs, which sits on top of a reservoir of carbonated water. No one there feels the need to buy a SodaStream. At any rate, the geyser at Soda Springs erupts more regularly than Old Faithful, but that’s not natural, either. The story of Soda Springs is a strange tale of a natural wonder regulated by human intervention.

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As an aside, there’s a shot at one minute into the video of some buildings, and one building in the middle has an addition that looks like a cartoon chicken to me. Can you see it? Or is that just me?

Source: neatorama

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