The Aftermath of a Viral Prank

Remember Jehv Maravilla and Christian Toledo, the guys who erected a poster of themselves at a local McDonald’s outlet? The prank got them a viral story, and guest slot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and now a job.

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The prank was fun, but it also highlighted McDonald’s lack of inclusive representation in their promotional materials. Asian and Asian-American people are heavily underrepresented in all forms of U.S. media. Maravilla said he was heavily inspired by Crazy Rich Asians and seeing so many Asian faces on screen. Toledo joked that they were aspiring to be “crazy middle-class Asians.”

McDonald’s apparently agreed with them (or at least wanted to cash in on that positive-PR viral goodwill, a thing they could use right now, to be honest) and is going to use the two of them in an upcoming marketing campaign.

In case you’re wondering, yes, they will be paid, $25,000 each. See the video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show in which the offer was announced at The Mary Sue. 

Source: neatorama

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