The Airings of Gabrielle Reilly

Greetings to all AirPod users. If you fear losing your beloved wireless earbuds, then you might want to check out Gabrielle Reilly’s invention – The Airings.

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“Gabrielle Reilly (22) from Virginia turned her AirPods into earrings to avoid losing them. Gabrielle also took to the social media platform, Twitter and posted a video of her modelling the Airports. The video took the internet by storm and bagged over 3.4 million views.”

She previously had Beats Bluetooth earphones, however, her cat ate those. She then decided to switch to wireless AirPods so that the cat won’t chew on the wires. Gabrielle not only made a genius hack but also a business out of it. 

Don’t lose those AirPods anymore and be a Fashionista like Gabrielle Reilly!

Image: @bloodorgy

Source: neatorama

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