The Alanis Morrisette Pun Thread

Lawn care companies are out in force this summer, There are so many of them that they’ve come up with memorable names, like “Lawn and Order” to stand out against the crowd. But one that just has a name on their equipment trailers captured the attention of just the right people. When Alanis Morrisette saw it, the puns just wrote themselves. Everyone had a take on Morrisette’s biggest songs “You Oughta Know,” “Ironic,” and “One Hand in My Pocket“) that could be used in the lawn care business.  

Weird Al jumped in to protect his territory. Maybe he was already in the process of writing a parody song.

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He’s not the only celebrity to jump in.

All Morrisette songs are fair game for lawn care puns here.

Even her name!

Oh, there’s plenty more in this ever-growing Twitter thread. -via a comment at Jezebel

Source: neatorama

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