The Amazing Mechanical Animations of Shikakugangu

Japanese Twitter user @shikakugangu makes tiny automata that display little creatures in motion.

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Information about him and his work available in English is very limited, but I gather that he first attracted internet fame in the English-speaking world for this simple paper animation of frightened cat on Feb. 22, which is Japan’s National Cat Day (yes, really).

Many of his animations are based on flipped images–like a flipbook made of plastic sheets. Shikakugangu is a fan of the manga Tsuraneko and composed this animation in a bottle of the main character running. This video shows his creation process.

The containers for his automata are part of the expression. He made a series of ghost-focused automata inside coffins.

Most of his animations are mechanically simple, but others are complex, such as this nodding cat.

I don’t know how this one works. Can you figure it out?

Source: neatorama

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