The Amazing Variety of Thanksgiving Stuffing

Daniel Craig doesn’t think much of turkey stuffing, but most of us love it. You don’t have to stuff it into a turkey; in fact it’s easier (and safer) to call it dressing and eat it as a side dish. But whether you call it stuffing or dressing, it is required for an American Thanksgiving feast. Food writer Erik Kim tells us about the astonishing ways that Americans have taken stuffing and made it every which way they can, incorporating their favorite flavors into Thanksgiving. He says you can call it stuffing because it has stuff in it. He grew up with boxed stuffing, but gradually tried out different ingredients to make a side dish to go with the turkey every year.

Kim did his research of recipes from all over the US, and came up with the “perfect” recipe of his own for the New York Times (non-paywalled link) that is very close to the dressing I make every year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I skip the milk.)

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Read how stuffing came about in the first place, and how it’s different every where you go at Atlas Obscura. The article contains links to many different stuffing recipes.

Source: neatorama

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