The Angel Makers of Nagyrév

About sixty miles southeast of Budapest, on the River Tisza, lies a quiet little village with a horrible past. It was here in Nagyrev, a century ago, the womenfolk began killing off their husbands en masse. They have been called “the Angel Makers.”

It all began with the arrival of a woman named Zsuzsanna Fazekas in 1911. Fazekas presented herself as a midwife. Some sources claim that she brought with her notes of recommendations from several doctors that praised her of her nursing duties. If Fazekas’ murky past did raise a few eyebrows (her husband had apparently gone missing under mysterious circumstances), nobody said anything. Nagyrév did not have a doctor at that time, and so Fazekas was readily accepted as their village midwife and “wise woman”.

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The Angel Makers of Nagyrév during their trial in 1929. Photo by Keystone-FranceGamma-Rapho via Getty Images.


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