The Angle Razor’s Magnetic Design Is Precisely Sharp

The Angle Razor’s Magnetic Design Is Precisely Sharp

England’s claim as the progenitors of the art of shaving carries weight when looking back at the history of razors, for it was back in 1700’s Sheffield, England when inventor and manufacturer Benjamin Huntsman first fashioned what was to become the first true hard steel grade razor – a steadfast design of handle and blade that hasn’t changed all too much since its inception. Fast forward a few centuries ahead, and it’s U.K. design yet again attempting to innovate facial grooming, this time with the aid of magnets.

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Made from machined aluminum and brass, London based product design agency Morrama imagines the Angle Razor as the ergonomic and aesthetic heir to the traditional straight razor. In reality, the minimalist styled Angle Razor is closer to the handle and disposable blade design traditionally known as a shavette, a safer, cheaper, and easier-to-use relative of the straight razor.

The sole conceit of the Angle Razor’s design is its small slide-out section revealing a magnetic compartment; the magnet permits easy insertion and alignment of recyclable double edged (DE) razor blades with a secure snap. In essence the design reminds of a refined and smaller version of the box cutter utility knife intended for more precise and delicate service.

If we can encourage a few more people to switch from environmentally unfriendly cartridges to a 300 year old shaving method in the form of our modern Angle Razor design, then that’s good enough for us.

Those following razor designs may recognize some of the same pared down silhouette available with the safety razor style, Hone Type 15 razor.

The Morrama design team’s affinity for the “ceremony of shaving” and the ritualized pleasure of barbering guided the redesign, with an emphasis upon user experience sorely lacking with modern disposable and electric options. Their solution retains many of the pleasurable tactile attributes of using a straight razor, minus the sometimes dangerous possibilities related to overcoming its learning curve.

The Angle Razor joins the likes of the OneBlade by PENSA, the CYLNDR Electric Shaver, and HEXAGON by Mark as modern alternatives to the multi-blade razors dominating shaving today.

Source: design-milk

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