The Balmoral Pyramid

Hidden among the trees in the woods surrounding the Balmoral Castle in Royal Deeside, Scotland, are eleven stone cairns erected by Queen Victoria in honour of her family, the largest being an impressive pyramid built to commemorate the death of her beloved husband.

The Balmoral Estate was bought by Prince Albert in 1852 as a gift for his wife, Queen Victoria. Because the residence that originally stood on the property was not befitting the Royal Family, Prince Albert built a bigger castle about a 100 yards to the old building, while continuing to live in the old residence during the period the new Castle was being built. After the Castle was completed in 1856, the old building was demolished. In memory of the demolished structure, a stone was placed on the exact spot where the front door stood.

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Balmoral Castle.

Balmoral Castle. Photo: Marc/Flickr


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