The Bear Picasso

The staff at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville, Washington, had a great idea for a fundraiser. They put art supplies in some of the bear enclosures. The idea was that the bears would walk through the globs of non-toxic paint on the floor and then leave paw prints in bright colors on the paper that covered the floor. The paw prints could be sold as artworks to patrons of the park. But one bear named Fern had a better idea. She shoved her face in the paint, several colors worth, and used her own snout to create a masterpiece! It’s an example of abstract art, of course, but her keepers think it’s priceless. This brings a whole new meaning to the term face painting.

But that makes us wonder who got the honor of cleaning Fern’s face when the painting was completed. That’s what interns are for, you know. -via Fark

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Source: neatorama

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