The BeBot Beach Cleaning Robot

The Ocean Cleanup is gathering floating garbage, and Clean Up the Lake is collected submerged garbage. An organization called 4ocean also gathers waterborne trash, and is now using a robot to clean the beaches adjoining the water.

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The remote-controlled BeBot Beach Cleaning Robot, created in collaboration with Searial Cleaners and Poralu Marine, has WALL-E’s tracks and a sifting mechanism similar to equipment you’d see on a farm. The quiet, emissions-free, solar-powered electric vehicle sifts to a depth of 10cm (nearly 4″) to pull cigarette butts, plastic bottles, shards, bottlecaps and candy wrappers out of the sand. It can hold up to 100 liters of waste, to be dumped and sifted through by workers.

Here it is in action:

Source: core77

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