The Benefits Of Swearing

Well, here’s our chance to prove that swearing isn’t that bad, apparently. Studies have shown that swearing may be a sign of verbal superiority, and can indicate honesty, intelligence, and creativity! CNN lists the benefits of saying vulgar words as proven by science:

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Well-educated people with plenty of words at their disposal, a 2015 study found, were better at coming up with curse words than those who were less verbally fluent.

Participants were asked to list as many words that start with F, A or S in one minute. Another minute was devoted to coming up with curse words that start with those three letters. The study found those who came up with the most F, A and S words also produced the most swear words.

That’s a sign of intelligence “to the degree that language is correlated with intelligence,” said Jay, who authored the study. “People that are good at language are good at generating a swearing vocabulary.”

Swearing can also be associated with social intelligence, Jay added.

“Having the strategies to know where and when it’s appropriate to swear, and when it’s not,” Jay said, “is a social cognitive skill like picking the right clothes for the right occasion. That’s a pretty sophisticated social tool.”

If you want to read more about it, check the full article here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to show the benefits of swearing to the old people in my life! 

Image via CNN

Source: neatorama

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