The Best Booths at NADA New York, From Sci-Fi Utopias to Remixed Folklore

Out of all the art fairs being held in New York this week, the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) fair may be your best bet for genuine discovery. The event centers emerging enterprises, and this year has 92 exhibitors, about half of which brought some truly intriguing wares.

Percentage-wise, figurative painting ruled the fair, but the best works in that style bypassed camp and irony—the modes most commonly associated with it these days—for unaffected explorations of the self and our culture. Sculpture had a good showing, too, in particular the works by John Newman presented at Europa, the ceramic menagerie of Dorian Reid at Kapp Kapp, or the abstract design of Gérald Lajoie-Restrepo at Pangée.

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The fair is on view through Sunday. Here are the booths you shouldn’t miss.


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