The Best Candle Pouring Pots for Learning an Ancient Craft

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Light up your life with a homemade candle. A practice that’s been around since before the Common Era, some of the first candles were dipping candles made from tallow by ancient Romans, in 500 BCE. There’s evidence of whale-fat candles dating back to the Qin dynasty in China, and in ancient India, temple candles were made from boiled cinnamon wax. With the growth of the whaling industry in 18th-century Europe and Northern America, commercialized candles began to be made out of oil from sperm whales. By the 19th century, the process of candle making became mechanized, and most candles were made out of paraffin wax. Despite advances in automation, oil refinement, and wax variety, the candle industry plummeted with the invention of the incandescent bulb in 1879.

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These days, candles are used for decoration and to add warm light to a space. Making your own candle is a fun and rewarding task, as you can mix your own scents and colors. To make your own, you need a few tools. Most important is the candle pouring pot, which helps keep the wax together while warm and facilitates a precise pour into your chosen vessel. Usually made out of aluminum, candle pouring pots are created to withstand high temperatures and feature a spout and handle for easy manipulation. With so many options on the market at a range of prices and designs, it can be hard to choose. Browse our selection of the best products below.


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