The Best Easter Eggs OnThe Web

Don’t worry, it’s not malware or applications that can secretly get your personal information. These easter eggs are a bit of fun, some of them are hidden in code just to say ‘hi’ to the user who was bored enough to read through many lines of code. Some companies sneak job ads into their HTML: 

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Companies like Yahoo and eBay have spent years sneakingjob ads into the HTML that makes up their websites in the hopes that curious coders would find them. Other sites might haveunicorns,guns, orobscure, cryptic messages. Even if you’re not particularly web-savvy, it’s not hard tocrack open your favorite site’s source code and comb through it for a bit. If you’re also adiehard Chrome user, then all you need to do is type “view-source:” before a website’s URL. You can also access these codes in any browser by right-clicking on a webpage and hitting “view source.”

Check Gizmodo’s full list of fun Internet easter eggs here! 

Image credit : Shoshana Wodinsky

Source: neatorama

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