The Best Glazing and Wash Brushes for Translucent Effects

Much of the luminous quality seen in oil paintings by the Old Masters was achieved through a process known as glazing. In this style, one creates a monochromatic underpainting which is then glazed over with translucent paint layers in different colors. In oil painting, the two most important elements to glazing are, first, the addition of a medium to thin the paint and make it more fluid, and second, a high-quality, soft-bristled brush to achieve a smooth layer of color without heavy brushstrokes. Today artists can use glazes in oil, acrylic, and mixed-media paintings. With watercolors, glazing involves separate washes of translucent or semi-translucent colors for a coveted stained-glass effect. Whatever your medium, finding the right glazing brush is key to achieving the right polish. We’ve rounded up five of our favorites below.


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