The Best <i>Saturday Night Live</i> Cast Member

Saturday Night Live has been running for 47 years now. The regular cast turns over every few years to feature a new generation of up and coming comedians. You’ll find a list of 159 of them here. Who your favorite is likely depends on your age, whether you prefer John Belushi, Al Franken, Eddie Murphy, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Leslie Jones, or Kate McKinnon.  

On Friday, Joe Manniello launched a tournament to determine the best SNL cast member, with a bracket of 64 contenders. The replies to that Tweet have a lot of people filling out the entire bracket, but there is actual voting going on, which you can participate in by using the #snlcastbracket hashtag to find the polls. Voting is still in the first round, so there are inevitable blowouts.   

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Elsewhere on Twitter, Eric Alper asked, “Who is the best SNL cast member of all time?” The replies in that thread are brimming with videos and gifs of classic skits featuring favorite cast members, so there is plenty to browse and relive the memories.

Which cast member is your favorite?

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