The Best Mini Hot Glue Sticks for Meticulous Crafting

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Has there ever been a handier mini anything than a hot glue gun? OK, don’t answer that, but we’ve noticed that even the tiniest iterations of this crafting tool are getting more sophisticated all the time. So when it comes to refilling these little wonders, will just any mini glue stick do? Although most mini sticks conform to a standard measurement—approximately 0.28 inch in diameter and 4 inches long—the answer, unfortunately, is no. You’ll want to find something strong, easy to work with, and compatible with dual- or multi-temperature glue guns, which are becoming increasingly popular. Bring the heat to these five picks: We promise they can handle it.

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AdTech Crystal Clear Mini Glue Sticks
Don’t let the low price spook you—sometimes the cheapest options really are the best! These mini glue sticks, sold in a pack of 100, are non-yellowing and quick-drying, with a 30-second working time. And oh, does this glue hold: Its strength is comparable to even towering brands like Gorilla. Another plus? Unlike other leading glue brands, these guys are totally acid-free.

ArtMinds Mini Glue Sticks
This is a wonderful all-purpose stick if you need a quick refill and don’t want to skimp on quality. Designed for use at all temperatures, this glue is great for projects big and small, heavy-duty and delicate. We suggest going for the 100-count pack, but if you don’t see yourself becoming a marathon gluer, ArtMinds sells 18- and 40-piece packs too.

Elmer’s CraftBond Less Mess All Temp Glue Sticks
If Elmer’s doesn’t know glue, then nobody does. The company’s acid-free formula causes this glue to form neat beads rather than stretch apart in icky strings. It will take a while to melt, but once applied, it dries incredibly quickly. Just be prepared to pay: In this case, less mess means more money. You get 24 mini sticks in a resealable bag.

Gorilla Mini Hot Glue Sticks
These sticks are mini, but their power is jumbo-size. Gorilla’s is, quite simply, the strongest glue in the game: It’s weather resistant and stands up to all manner of jostling, jerking, and jolting. And dig that extra-long working time: 45 seconds. Go for the big bag of 75 sticks; the satisfaction you’ll get from them will last a long time.
Buy: Gorilla Mini Hot Glue Sticks $7.65

Surebonder Mini Size Clear Stik
If you’re particular about your hot glue, you’ve come to the right place. Surebonder offers glue sticks in multiple quantities, packaging, and forms. You can buy a 100-pack of classic mini sticks, get 20 10-inch-long sticks, or even buy a five-foot glue roll. With Surebonder, the world is your oyster; then you can glue shut that oyster with the five pounds of premium glue you just bought.


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