The best of Burning Man 2014

In case you haven’t heard of it, Burning Man is an annual art and community festival that originally started in San Francisco and now takes place each year on the Black Rock Playa in the Nevada desert. As the name suggests, each year’s festival surrounds a fire ceremony in which a massive wood sculpture of a man is burned.

For a week each year, a dried lake bed in northern Nevada becomes a small city, with nearly 70,000 people attending. The “city” is laid out in a semi-circular fashion, with roads running throughout.

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The entire Burning Man culture surrounds community, art, and performance, with art installations from all over. Check out some of this year’s offerings.

burning man aerial

burning man panorama

burning man sculpture

burning man stilts

burning man bird

burning man croc

burning man mayan warrior

burning man teapot

burning man flowers

burning man thunderdome

burning man love

burning man flags

burning man planets

burning man whomp

burning man temple

burning man grace temple

burning man palette

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burning man embrace

burning man explosions

burning man man


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