The Best Stamp Blocks for Avid Crafters

If you’re looking to transfer a single design—especially of small shape and size—onto multiple surfaces, a stamp is likely your method of choice. A space-saving and cost-effective way to build your library of stamp-able images is to use clear stamps: thin, transparent, slightly sticky stamps that usually come mounted on a backing sheet and which can be bought at craft stores, custom made, or even produced at home with the right equipment. By themselves, however, clear stamps do not an image make; they must be temporarily attached to a stamping tool. The answer? An acrylic stamp block. Because acrylic stamp blocks are clear, they let you position your image accurately, and because they enable you to change out images with ease, you won’t need a bulky wood stamp for each design. Acrylic stamp blocks can also be used as mounts for your own cut-foam or carved linoleum stamps. Styles run the gamut, be it size, ease of transfer, available grips during use, and the like, and ARTnews has chosen the top five for your every stamping use. Ahead, find the best of the best.


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