The Best Staple Guns for Woodworking, Upholstery, and More

Used for woodworking, home improvement, and upholstery, staples are a great alternative to glue, nails, and screws—especially on material prone to splitting. A staple gun is an indispensable item in the art studio, used for everything from stretching canvas to hanging photo backdrops. Staple guns come in many styles: manual guns are handheld, spring-loaded devices that fire staples when their levers are depressed; pneumatic guns use air pressure to fire heavier-gauge staples; electric staple guns use either a battery or plug to apply staples with the pull of a trigger. Pneumatic guns tend to be the most powerful, but require an air compressor to work. For light-duty projects, a manual or electric gun may be the answer. Staple thickness is measured in gauge: the lower the gauge, the thicker the staple. Many staple guns can apply brackets and straight pins too. Browse our roundup of the best models below.


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