The Best Transparency Films for Silk Screens Yield Dynamic Images and Designs

Transparency film is necessary when beginning your silk-screening project, as it’s the first step in your transfer from image to screen (and then to canvas). Whether sketched or inkjet printed, an image will first be crafted on transparency film before it is then transferred to a screen that is coated in photo emulsion with light. The benefit of most modern transparency film, however, is that you can create your image on the computer and then easily machine print it onto said transparency film, to start off your project with the most intricately detailed images and designs. That said, not all transparency film is created equal. Some are cut in smaller sheets, others larger rolls; there is a difference in crystal-clear appearance as well as paper weight. No matter what your project dictates, however, ARTnews has picked the product for you. Check out the best transparency film for silk screens below.


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