The Best Woodburning Tools for Inscribing and Designing on Various Surfaces


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It’s not a great idea to play with fire—but there’s no rule against writing with it. Pyrography, using fire to make marks on a variety of materials, dates back to prehistory. “Pyro” comes from the Greek pyr, meaning fire, and “graphy” derives from the Greek graphos, meaning to write. While people “wrote with fire” early on using hot pokers on wood or leather, there now exist woodburning implements similar to pens made specifically to inscribe text, designs, and patterns on wood and leather, as well as gourds, metal, and thick paper. For beginners and advanced artists alike, if you’re looking for a pen that’s little more than just that—easy to pack and easy to use—these are the pyrography tools for you. Browse our roundup below to find the one that’s best for your project.

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