The Blackest Black Car Ever

You might be aware that Vantablack is the blackest color humans have produced. It absorbs up to 99.96 percent of light, but you can’t get it because its use is restricted to one artist. But you can buy Musou black paint, which absorbs up to 99.4 percent of light. The effect of either is surreal, as if Photoshop were involved, because we are used to painted surfaces reflecting light. Or any surface for that matter.

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James Orgill of The Action Lab had been experimenting with Musou black paint. But then he found that Musou black comes in a fabric, too! So he covered a car in the Musou black fabric called Kiwami, which seems like velvet, except there is no part that shines like velvet, from any angle. At about 2:30 in this video, you get to see a comparison between the fabric and the car’s regular black paint. The original paint looks almost light gray! Then he took the car out to show off, both in daylight and at night. I wouldn’t want to drive this car in dim twilight without the headlights on. Then he eventually finds out how much light it takes to get a reflection from the car.    

This video is only five minutes long. The rest is an ad. -via Born in Space

Source: neatorama

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