The Boston Typewriter Orchestra Tries Electric Typewriters

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra (previously at Neatorama) has always made music with typewriters the old fashioned way: with manual typewriters, the ones that took real finger power to use and made loud noises. But now they’ve made a tiny step into the 20th century. They composed a new song for their submission to the Tiny Desk Concert series at NPR that uses electric typewriters! The song is titled “Selectric Funeral.”

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Still, these typewriters are far from new. I got a Selectric to take to college back in the 1970s, and it looked new compared to these machines. The “new” typewriters give the orchestra some flexibility in the sounds they make, with effects straight out of the 1960s. I love how one machine was equipped with a large bell to give it a “normal” carriage return sound. And having to repair something in the middle of a song is just the way you’d expect an electric typewriter to perform. -via Laughing Squid  

Source: neatorama

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