The Box That Turns All The Speakers In Your Home Into High-Quality Speakers!

All it takes is one small box to do some quality improvement on all the speakers or audio devices in your home. The Dense Home is a stereo amplifier that boosts the abilities of audio devices by taking their input and amplifying the audio signal going in. Designed by Brian Han & Aron Han, the gadget will transform the music you hear on your devices as if it were produced in a studio: 

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The amp comes with a Corian surface on top that mimics marble or granite, and routes all the wires at the back. It works with wireless devices too, amplifying the signal to your headphones to make your music sound top notch. The Class D stereo amplifier on the inside helps effectively enrich and amplify your sounds while efficiently saving power, and the Corian plate on top supports touch interaction, allowing you to slide your finger up or down to control the volume, or select your input and output. The Dense Home supports analog as well as digital inputs and outputs, which means you could either replay your vinyl records at lossless quality, or listen to audio files from your computer or phone at the highest definition. Support for wireless output devices effectively means your regular headphones now become high-quality ones, and the Dense team is working on integrating Spotify too, so your entire playlist gets turbocharged to its highest quality!

Image via Yanko Design

Source: neatorama

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